Word of mouth marketing in India

4 Epic Reasons why you can’t ignore Word of Mouth Marketing

What happens when one of your friends recommends a brand? You check it out of course! Human nature feeds on curiosity and connections. And for that, there is nothing better than referrals or what is better known as Word of Mouth Marketing.

Word of Mouth Advertising (WOM) was traditionally and primarily based on verbal recommendations on user satisfaction with a brand. It’s a small world where a single recommendation or a word of word advertising can play a significant role in capitalising on the opportunity.

This practice is essentially based on an organic desire to share one’s satisfaction with a brand and its products through recommendations or WOM; but nowadays, it is used for promoting and accelerating businesses online and gaining exposure on social media in existing and new communities.

The Advantages of Word of Mouth Marketing

WOM retains the human touch

we are all so fed up with constant Ad bombardments that we are dazed and scarcely pay any attention to them. Contrast this to a friend referring a brand via WOM – there is an immediate difference. Immediately our brain cells fire up and retain that memory since it is now related to a real person.

Growth in sales without any Ad Investment

Have you recently tried running an Ad campaign on Facebook or Google? It is ridiculously expensive! Whereas what does Word of Marketing cost? Only a customer who is satisfied with your product. A genuine organic recommendation goes a long way in building brand trust and creating buzz and a whole lot of curiosity urging the audience to give it a try.

WOM creates and nurtures an entire community

The explicit aim of WOM is to engage the brand’s fanbase as often as possible – an engaged customer is more likely to invest more and also has a higher chance of extending his recommendations to his loved ones. An immediate addition to the fanbase!

WOM creates and nurtures an entire community

Simple science, the more I recommend a brand to others – the more it engraves itself on my mind. And now, I am much more likely to repurchase. Brands should keep WOM as the top priority in their marketing funnel as this is always the one which will feed the repeat customers segment.  

Few Things To Keep In Mind

The Customer Experience

It is extremely important to create an epic customer experience for your customers enabling them to share their experience regarding the product and brand. Your customer should always be left with something memorable so they have pleasant things to tell others. Tap into their emotions if required, even if there is no purchase taking place. They will always recommend you to a potential audience. Lead is always always a lead until it is converted into a client.

“ It is important to understand that people will recommend to others, everything that they love. This recommendation is a conscious choice they make and not done to gain anything in return”

The Customer Experience

Quality should never be compromised. Always make sure that the products you source and the services that you sell are of premium quality. Your business should not become more about “Managing Returns” to reap the whirlwind.

The Customer Experience

After the entire recommendation and WOM process, when the new clients land onto your website, they should instantly be made to feel safe and confident about your business and deliveries The website’s impressive look and feel along with its interactive, speed, and responsiveness is crucial and needs to be paid special attention to.


Word of Mouth Marketing can play a huge role in the growth of your retail business. Marketing consultants and conferences don’t matter as long as the customer experience is taken good care of.

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