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4 habits of successful entrepreneurs – some practical tips

Start-ups are booming and entrepreneurs are all around you. Every day you hear about a new team that has raised millions in funding and has grown exponentially in the past months. The ideas are everywhere and the information to execute any plan is at your fingertips. Literally anything can be accessed at a mouse click and no business is now secure from disruption. Not only that but today you can also target global markets sitting in your office.

However the competition to become a successful entrepreneur is as high as ever. You have to keep learning and you have to keep looking at tips which might help you go that last inch towards success. So here are some more practical tips with just might help you to become your dream:

Know that you will have to quit your job but do not be in a hurry to do so.

You should only quit your day job when you have some semblance of belief in your own idea. Some small traction, some external funding, some user growth – anything which tells you that your idea is on its way to become a reality. It will usually take months if not years to start earning from a business and without some cash back up you will only be pressurising yourself more than necessary. So do not take a hasty decision by quitting your day job but plan both financially and operationally when the right time would be to do so.

Know your niche.

Almost all successful start-ups that you see around you have focused on one single problem at the time of starting (even if they appear behemoths now). If you take Google, they solved the problem of search and then became an Internet giant which has a monopoly in online advertising. If you look at Facebook, they solved or at least made a efficient solution to the problem of networking with your friends and family. It is only later that they started adding business pages, events and all that stuff. The point is that you must know your niche & you must know your focus where you can make a difference. If you try to go too broad in the beginning you will likely go nowhere!

Know your partners.

There are start-ups which are a single man show but more often than not you would require a team & some partners who will share your work and your mission. It is important that before you take a full dive into your start-up you begin identifying who could help you in the road ahead. These could be your friends and family who might be skilled enough in one of the task or might put in some money for your seed funding. These could also be your suppliers or manufacturers with whom you could start an initial deal for manufacturing or supplying the raw goods. O these could be your first employees. Either way, it is very important that you start defining who your partners will be.


Almost everything about success is defined by how far you’re willing to go and how far your surroundings let you go. In fact, it is often said that funding for a start-up is only required to add more length to your runway so that the chances of your taking flight are increased. So whether it is funding that you seek or more customers, or actually inventing a product – it is insanely important that you have the grit to not quit. Of course, it is often not clear where you’re being persistent and where you are being foolish, and understanding this distinction is often what makes smart entrepreneurs successful. Either way, believe in yourself and don’t quit is a trademark of successful entrepreneurs.

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