Every day approximately 30 million people watch around 5 billion videos on YouTube. It is a platform which gives ordinary people the opportunity to showcase their extraordinary skills, globally. They can sit at home and make money by uploading their videos which will be viewed by people worldwide.

India too is a country where a number of people have launched their own channels on YouTube that caters to their niche audience and have made it big.

Bhuvaneshwar Bam – BB Ki Vines

Our FAVORITE!! Also known as Bhuwan Bam is based out of Delhi. He started his BB Ki Vines in 2015 and has become India’s best YouTuber. Launched in March 2015, BB KI Vines has 13 million subscribers and over 25 million views on certain videos. He has even won awards for the most popular YouTube channel in India by WebTVAsia Awards in Seoul, South Korea in 2016.

Gaurav Chowdhary – Technical Guruji

With 12 million subscribers, Technical Guruji is a brainchild of a born techie based in India. Currently operating from Dubai, UAE, this techie answers a variety of your tech questions on the internet, computer, smartphones etc.

Sanam Puri & Partners – Sanam

A band of Youtubers namely – Sanam Puri, Samar Puri, Keshav Dharaj and S. Venky, write and play remakes of old popular Indian songs. Their channel has approximately 5.8 million subscribers with more than 50 million views on most of his videos. And because of the sudden rise in popularity, they’re are also known as the Indian “One Direction”. They’re one of the highest viewed music and entertainment channels on Youtube among the channels launched by movie and song recording companies.

Tanmay Bhat – All India Bakchod

Forever blending controversial issues with humor, Tanmay Bhat is one of India’s most popular stand-up comedian with 3.5 million subscribers and approx 10 million views on most of his videos. One of the first four comedians to be featured at Mumbai’s first all Indian comedy line up called “Local Heroes”.

Kenny Sebastian

With 1.6 m subscribers, Kenny Sebastian is the next in list. An all rounded personality hailing from Kerala, is not just a stand-up comedian, a musician and a film-maker too. Despite of not having an formal education/ training, Kenny is a guitarist and a vocalist who has covered a number of bollywood songs on his YouTube channel. “Balance” is an acoustical blues album that he produced and released himself.

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