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6 Best Coworking Spaces In Delhi

Be it an entrepreneur or a freelancer, everybody needs space to work because operating from home something everybody would opt for. So, a workspace is an alternative to that.

This concept is growing and becoming more and more popular in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad that have MNC’s and big IT firms.

These Spaces are meant for startups as they’re affordable and have adequate and proper space and other amenities for a team to sit together and work towards the growth of the company.

There is a list of 6 best coworking spaces in Delhi, that aren’t yet too popular, they deserve it all. Like the comfort and facilities they provide are commendable, making the office less monotonous and work more fun.

Inhwa Business Centre

A place for mavericks who miss the feels of such a plush, 5-star office. These office provide you with comfort and all the basic amenities. You can also choose between your place of work like the regular work station or private cabins, all depending on your need for privacy.


Covers area in and around Delhi NCR, like Lajpat Nagar, Hauz Khas, Patel Nagar and Nehru Place too. Providing huge spaces to Freelancers, entrepreneurs and also professionals with plush office interiors, meeting rooms, event spaces, all this at affordable prices.

Social by Social Offline

Now, this is one of the well-known collaborative workspaces located in Delhi. They aimed at encouraging physical interaction because of which they have a spunky cafe-style other interior decors. This workspace is such that if you have access to one Social workspace, you automatically have access to all the Social workspaces across the globe.


A fun workspace founded by a group of entrepreneurs and investors to provide working professionals with all the amenities under one roof. This workspace even has a designated room to unwind. Innov8 has multiple offices across the country but the one in Delhi is located in Cannought Place.


Unboxed is an employee-centric workspace that aims at making the space more that just about work. They wish to make build a “community” so that the employees have more than just work to look forward to while heading to the office. They have even a TT table, hammock and a gym in their recreation room.

AtlF Coworking

With team room, double occupancy cabins, or an open space with seating, all at your disposal along with WiFi and power backup. This workspace provides refreshments in the form of regular tea, green tea, coffee and snacks too. What more would one want?

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