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7 blazing tips to jumpstart your Internet marketing

As the world moves online, Internet marketing has become a necessity for all businesses. However it is still not any easy to get noticed. So here are some tips to jumpstart your Internet marketing:

1) Write articles: Content is probably the only surefire way that will yield you guaranteed return. How much or how high that return is will depend on the quality and quantity of the content, however writing is one thing which you cannot escape so get started on building your content publishing plan.

2) Mailing list: there was a time when email had taken a backseat. But that time is gone now and email once again is the king of your marketing efforts. So if you have not started collecting a mng is one thing which you cannot escape.

3) Search engine optimisation: Again, a no-brainer for everyone operating any kind of business or in fact even a personal blog. Even when the world is browsing more and more via mobile, search engines will always have this special place in your marketing funnel – for the simple reason that it is difficult for users to remember the exact browser address at which they need to go. Plus, we should always remember that it is not technically the websites which are indexed by google it, it is the webpages. Hence the more optimised your pages are the better it will be for your traffic.

4) Pay per click advertising: Not all things can be done without paying money and PPC advertising is one of them – whether you choose Google, Facebook or Twitter (depending on where your consumers are), it will be very useful if you start testing the PPC models as soon as possible because that is where you will have to devote a segment of your marketing expenses.

5) Online forums: One of your major targets in Internet marketing must be to encourage using interaction. With attention spans becoming becoming lower, it is indeed difficult to incentivise users to not only browse your site but also leave a comment. Hence, if you can develop a reliable and trusted forum in your niche where users can ask questions and expect quality answers, it will be an asset that is hard to replace by any new competitor.

6) Give something free. Now I know that the discussion between a freemium model or a paid model or a donation model is beyond the scope of this article, however giving something free is an integral part of your marketing efforts. Not all of your customers will convert but the higher your reach, the more chances you would have of achieving conversion. What you give free could be anything, it could be free T-shirts or it could be free e-books or perhaps a free course . Anything which is giving value to customers but not asking anything from them in return (at least at that point in time).

7) Partnerships with bloggers. No matter how high quality your content is, if nobody is reading it then it is useless. And while efficient search engine optimisation would help you to some extent, it is exponentially more beneficial if you can arrange for partnerships with other big-name bloggers in your field. Such partnerships could be via branded events, webinars, guest blog posts or similar. Remember, in such partnerships you must always aim for a mutually beneficial relationship rather than trying to make it a negotiating contest so that you can win more and your partner can get less.

Internet marketing is a huge and ever evolving subject. These steps or any future/ past articles are not meant to be comprehensive plans. Instead, these are tips to get your ideas flowing and if you have missed any of these items perhaps this is the time to sit down and start planning.

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