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8 types of clients every designer knows and hates

1. The “I want to completely redo my current website, but keep the current colour palette, fonts and images” client.


2. The “I will agree to the timelines of deliverables but still pester you everyday to show me the current work in progress” always-in-touch client.


3. The “I will not provide the inputs that I had agreed to provide, but still blame you for every delay that this causes” it’s-always-your-fault client.


4. The “I am paying you money so I will treat you like shit” rick-rude-is-my-name client.


5. The “Hey, why are you doing it this way, the earlier designer used to it that way” client. Why didn’t you just choose him?!


6. The “When I click the images in the photoshop file, nothing happens” client. Do you know that you hired a designer not a developer?


7. The “I just want two extra pages designed, surely you will not charge more” client. Yup, surely I will.


8. The “I am facing a money crunch, can you just do this project free. It will look good for your portfolio” most-feared-client.


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