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Building Your Brand Through Social Media Marketing

9 of the Best Strategies for Building Your Brand Through Social Media Marketing

If you have completed a degree in marketing or even done a diploma course on marketing, you might have heard about branding. Well, brace yourselves, people. Because whatever definition you’ve heard about branding is going to trash today.

When we first think of branding, we get thus the vague image of a logo. Sadly, a brand is not a logo.

A logo is a symbol that is used to represent the brand. Moreover, branding is not at all about the product. And oh yeah, a brand is not even a promise.

A brand is a person’s gut feeling about the company, service, or product. The brand is something that gets engraved in the heads and hearts of the customers. A brand is simply a reputation. And we all know that it takes years, and sometimes decades to build a reputation, but it merely takes a few seconds to destroy that reputation.

From the above statement, we can easily conclude that a brand is not what you think about your business; it is what others think and feels about it.

No. I am not negating it. This is not just a Starbucks logo. It is the feeling, the way you think about Starbucks Coffee that makes all the difference in the world.

Branding is everything

For a brand to succeed, one must leverage the power of branding. And what is the best place to start branding other than social media marketing.

With an impressive 2.4 Billion monthly active users, Facebook is the ultimate winner in social media platforms. It is followed by YouTube that has 2 Billion monthly active users and WhatsApp with 1.6 Billion active users. 

If you are planning to get heard, create a ripple, or get the attention of your potential user, social media is the right place to start branding. 

Branding is the only life-jacket that can save you.

In a plane, do you think that the person sitting next to you can save you?

Or the air hostess, regardless of how talented she is?

Not at all. Whatever you do, when the plane is about to crash, you must take that life-jacket from under your seat, wear it in the hope that it will save you somehow.

The same theory applies to the brand. There is a fearsome competition out there, and if you are willing to bypass the competition or outcast it, you must use branding to save your business.

Whether you are a struggling startup, a medium-sized business, or a billion-dollar corporation, branding is something that can either make your reputation or destroy it.

I’ve compiled a list of brand strategies that you can use to market your brand on social media. 

1. Consistency is the key.

The one person army started back in 1994, and now Amazon is the biggest eCommerce website of the planet. 

Building a brand is not a joke and it never happens overnight. One must ensure that branding is all about consistency across advertising, products, customer service and delivery.

Consistency is the key.

With that thought in mind, it is necessary to remind ourselves that staying consistent across all social media platforms is the ultimate key.

Whatever brand profile you build on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest must be unified. Be consistent with color, graphics, logo, and the message that you put out there each day.

Are you planning to go inspirational on Monday? What about #ShareYourStory pictures on Thursday. Whatever you do, keep it consistent across all your social media platforms.

If you are confused about how to bring consistency in your brand, take some help from these eight businesses.3

2. Study Psychology of Colors.

Mentioned by Springers.com, buyers’ intent is hugely affected by colors.  The colors influence the personality of the brand. After all, who will prefer to buy Harley Davidson if the colors don’t give the feel and coolness of the brand?

Our brain can easily recognize brands with their colors, which makes it essential to create a strong brand identity. The consumers of today can easily differentiate between colors. So, if you plan to stand out, you can use Purple if you want to use Blue.

Study Psychology of Colors.

Among other website design tricks, understanding the psychology of colors is something every brand can do.  Moreover, do you know that certain typefaces inspire people on websites? Use those fonts that can drive action from people. 

3. Talk like a real human.

Now, we have identified brand identity and psychology of colors; it is time to build a personality that people can trust. To get more people to trust you – the fastest method is to connect with them on social media.

Forget the corporate conversation and talk like a real human. Respond to questions, listen intently, and use some humor to establish a bond with the customer.

Be witty, be dangerous, and at times be sad just like a normal human being. When you talk like a human, it will be easy for the customer to interact with you and share their true feelings with you. Check out how Virgin America talks with their customers on social media:

Talk like a real human.

Can you speak with the customer like this? 
If not, now is the time to change the style of your conversation and make them feel like talking with a normal human being. Because when you do that, it will be easy for anyone to know your true brand personality, and word of mouth will get out in no-time.  

4. How about a compelling Story?

Whether you are a renowned online leather jacket store or selling glasses like Warby Parker, a good story is something that can attract the attention of the potential customer and keep it there if you let it.

Good storytelling is central to your brand personality. When you tell someone a story, they become a part of it. 
A story has powerful effects that can bring them on board, and they might link the story with their lives, which will result in memorable customer experience.

A brand is an idea that can be leveraged with a compelling story. For instance, if you check out the TOMS Facebook page, you’ll not just see random Facebook posts, you’ll witness stories about real people.

This is not just a brand about shoes. The brand has developed a brand personality around stories from its customers and is leveraging social media to get those stories across people. 

5. Be Transparent.

Back in 1994, it was all easy for Amazon to promise anything and get away with it.

But since Jeff Bezos was ridiculous about customer service, everything needs to be transparent. This is one of the key factors that took Amazon from scratch to a billion-dollar company.

In modern day time, this can be achieved by social media platforms. A bad word of mouth can easily travel faster than a speed of light, which is why it is necessary that every brand has to be transparent.

For instance, if you have an eCommerce store that sends gifts online, there is a chance that uncertainty will hit once in a while, and your customers will be mad at you for not delivering the order on-time.

At that moment, you can act stupid and keep the customer behind the bush or you can tell the truth about why the order got delayed in the first place.

In business, whether it is a customer or your employee, when you establish a habit of being transparent with everyone, it gives a clear signal that you are serious about serving the people with a good intention.

When you are building a reputation for your brand, it is transparency that will make your brand apart from others.

When you stay truthful about your mess-ups with the customers, they will consider you as a regular brand, but when you act and do something about it, this is when customers will remember you and won’t be able to forget you. 

6. Stay Relevant 

Of course, whatever you post online will create an image of your brand in the eyes of the customer. An image, once created, is difficult to forget. Which is why it is even more critical to post anything and everything that relates to your brand. Things that speak about your core values.

No post on social media should be random. Every single post, the comment must be relevant to something related to your brand. There are so many things out there, and in order to outsmart the competition, you must post things that are related to your brand.

Check out Brand identity-building by Deepak Sharma

7. Develop your marketing persona .

Whether you are starting a new business or already have an income-generating business, marketing persona is something that will move your brand faster towards the direction of your target audience. For instance, the audience on TikTok is much younger than Facebook. This is the core reality. You must create a separate set of audiences for both the networks.

The same thing goes for every other network. The main point is that you need to create different personas for various social media channels. For instance, your Twitter account can target the millennials while Instagram account can target small business owners.

Furthermore, when you start narrowing down your brand persona, it will be easy to create content for that set of audience. If you have no clue about what type of content you can create for your target persona, take help from Garvy V’s ‘how to create 64 pieces of content in a day?’ The post will teach you that you can even take one content and make ten content pieces out of that content. 

You can start by creating multiple marketing persona for each social media platform. When you are done with the creation, it is now time to examine the various demographics and listen to what customers are speaking.

The content that you create must match the personas that you create.

8. Make it visually appealing.

A picture is worth a thousand likes. Which is why posts with photos create 37% more engagement than a text-based post. Every image gives you a chance to attract one more customer. Every photo allows you to show more of your brand. 

People might forget the content on the post, but they will not forget the image that you use along with the post. Take help from infographics – they are the most shared piece of content. Don’t just use general photos, use high-end photos along with captivating captions. 

Make it visually appealing.
Colorful macaroons and marshmallows on a ligth background.

If you don’t have a clue on what type of images you can use on your social, take help from Tumblr and Pinterest. Check out what your competitors are sharing and figure out which of the things are easy for you to do.

When creating a visual appeal for your potential audience, it is necessary to understand that every image, every photo that you send, will create a brand perception in the eyes of your consumer. Before posting any photo, keep in mind how the picture will be perceived in the market. 

9. Connect with Influencers.

Will you buy something if I refer you to something?

Well. If you know me, you might fall into my devilish trap. But will you buy a product if Will Smith endorses it? Of course, yes. You will buy the product even without bothering about the price. Why? Because Will Smith in an influencer, and I am not.

Connect with Influencers.
Young vlogger in casualwear showing new sneakers and describing them on display of digital video camera

Time after time, brands use influencer marketing to grab the attention of devotee followers.

A staggering 78% of influencers think that Instagram is the best platform when it comes to collaborating with brands and people. Without a doubt, connecting with an influencer will upgrade your brand reputation to the next level. It will make it easy for you to establish trust among potential customers, and as a result, your conversion rate will improve. 

In a Nutshell

An angry customer doesn’t define by brand. But how you respond to that customer makes all the difference. In social media, there are millions and even billions of people watching, commenting, liking your comment. As a brand, you need to be careful what you say and how you say it.

Even a single negative comment or even humor went wrong can affect the reputation of your brand. So, unless you are not planning to get hit by a bunch of angry customers or memes, follow the strategies mentioned above to get your position straight out there.

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