Amazon Alexa vs Google Home

Alexa vs Google Home: Who wins in India

We live in a place where everyone has a different language and thus this becomes a barrier in communication and, relationship. Even in mobile phones, we have the technology to type or search in our own language. But there are situations we needed a device which can work just by listening to our orders and then do our work. Then, in 2011, Siri came out which changed the whole technology of speech recognition and became a major digital trend which nobody even thought about.

After that many voices activated technologies came into the market like Google assistant, Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, etc. With the introduction of AI, this became a dream come true which has many benefits as it helped in doing multitasking, increases the speed of the site, makes the things easier for the user, etc. but now the people are confused which one is better for home use in India.

Alexa vs Google Home: Who wins in India

Amazon Echo devices offer over 12000 skills which allow users to have an interaction with various other third-party apps like Ola, Zomato, Jet Airways, etc. and thus helps to fulfill many needs of a person. When you are in a hurry then you can just simply tell Alexa to book a cab or order your food and it will simply do it for you. It will also play your favorite music from Gaana or Saavn. For the shopaholic, it will also help you to shop on Amazon by just telling it what to order. It will place your order, keep a track on the package, setups the payment and lets you know everything about it. But if you are using Google, then you have set up a Google account for the payment.

Alexa vs Google Home: Who wins in India

Alexa comes with a Zigbee or Z- Wave connectivity which helps in smart Home Hub which is not supported by Google Home. It also helps to set out a proper definite routine of the users. You can also activate Alexa by using short phrases like Alexa, Good Morning, Alexa switch off the lights, etc. It also supports the Aux feature that means you can connect any external device with it. It also supports a wider range of devices than Google and has a smart home integration and thus Alexa proves to be better than Google.

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