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Amazon bans sale of Apple TV and Google Chromecast

In an interesting move, Amazon has banned the sales of media streaming products like Apple TV and Google Chromecast since they are not completely compatible with the Amazon prime video service.

According to reports, Amazon has sent an email to all marketplace resellers to not post such listings which sell these two products. Apart from the fact that they do not work with Amazon prime (which is an increasingly important service from Amazon), these two products are also competing with Amazon’s Fire TV stick.

Apart from the business reasons listed above, this can also prove to be a very risky move by Amazon because now it is saying that its single most famous value proposition of being the place that sells everything is no longer valid. If there are products which do not agree with anyone of Amazon’s services, they can be banned. Whether this move hurts the sales of Google and Apple’s products is something to be seen however what is obvious is that Amazon is no longer claiming itself to be a neutral vendor akin to an online Walmart.

Google had just launched its Chromecast 2015

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