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Apple develops “THE WATCH”. What’s next?


I’m not sure how many of the readers out there are aware of this, but there’s quite a big player in the technology and innovation game at the moment called “Apple”. [Obvious sarcasm being made more obvious by this disclaimer] Based out of California in the U.S.A., Apple began to gain notice with the release of the Macintosh computer system. The “Mac”, as it’s affectionately known, despite having no more connection to the fast food chain McDonald than it’s parent company does to the Beatle’s record label, was followed in more recent years by forays into a number of different devices.

MP3 players, once an incredibly diverse market, were all but monopolized when Apple introduced the iPod, and this was followed by their smartphone device, the iPhone, their tablet device, the iPad and a bunch of software options designed to make people’s life easier and more streamlined. Well, people who hadn’t already grown accustomed to the workings of Apple’s great rival, Microsoft, at any rate. But that civil war is not the point of this article.

Apple’s latest efforts to capture the minds, hearts and wallets of tech lovers all around the world comes in the form of the Apple Watch, a device which deviates from brand policy of naming things with a small i in front of it. Probably because “iWatch” sounds weirdly voyeuristic! Apple Watch basically acts as a smartphone on your wrist, in the same way that an iPhone acted like an iPod that could take calls, and the iPad acted like a smartphone that couldn’t make calls… sort of like an oversized iPod, come to think of it.

So, now that the Apple Watch is a thing, it begs the question. Where exactly is Apple going to go next? Well, if the trend that they’ve followed recently gives any indication, it’s probably going to be the direction that their competitors are currently going. They’re already confirmed to be racing Google into the smartcar world, with an aim of eradicating the need for drivers by the year 2020 (to put it in perspective, that’s the date that current Indian students preparing for IIT, will be graduating). With any luck, eradicating the need for drivers won’t result in the cars staging an up-rising like a 1950’s B-movie.

It’s not a failure to me! [Img source: Forbes]
They could also follow Google into the world of smart-glasses, since Google Glass was not a complete failure in the eyes of one or two people. Although, let’s be honest here, Google Glass would have been more successful had they been named Google Goggles. I’d wear Google Goggles.

But, personally, I’d like Apple to go someplace that no-one’s ever gone before. Begin production on a technology that has been around in some capacity since the 19th century, but somehow seems completely resistant to becoming user-friendly. It’s a technology that Apple’s dabbled with in the world of Apps, but never really gone headfirst into.

Come on Apple! Make the iPrinter. The world’s first Printer that actually works. It could make you, like, at least $20.

On a serious note, Apple has just confirmed that tattoos do indeed interfere with the watch’s functioning as was reported here.

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