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Apple is also putting resources in automotive tech

The world is heading to point of huge change in the way automotive technology is built and consumed. With Tesla already showing the way by building electric cars which are performant as well as stylish, and Google putting a large amount of resources behind self driving technology- It is now Apple which has also joined the fray and is rumoured to launch an electric car in 2019. According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple has tripled the number of engineers it has put on the project (which is codenamed Titan). While the rumours remain unconfirmed, it had been seen that Apple is hiring a large number of engineers with backgrounds in automotive and battery design.

And of course any discussion about automotive technology and the future is incomplete without the mention of  Uber which is growing not only on the back of its rapid international expansion but also for the future where such networks will be immensely valuable if cars become better designed/ less polluting and self-driving becomes a reality

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