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Can startups be a sole proprietorship


Are You Incorporating Too Early? Entrepreneurs are often afraid to remain sole proprietors, scared of its numerous drawbacks. But you should also be clear about the drawbacks of registering a private limited company too early. If you use the service Quora often, you’ll quickly realise that a lot of new or soon-to-be entrepreneurs are interested […]

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Companies (Amendments) Bill 2015 and its implications

Companies (Amendments) Bill 2015

How the Amendments to the Companies Act Makes Business Easier Doing business in India is still painful (when will that change?), but somewhat less so now, with the President’s assent to the Companies (Amendment) Bill 2015. The bill has removed a few clauses that made business (perhaps unintentionally) difficult, eased certain transactions and brought clarity […]

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Private Limited or LLP? Which company structure to choose for my startup?


As if running a business isn’t hard enough, entrepreneurs must be aware of all the legal aspects of business. With the right advice, this can be simple and amply clear (the law should be understood by everyone, after all), but this is hard to find because most explanations aren’t tailored for start-up entrepreneurs; they’re text-book […]

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