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Teaching entrepreneurship to school students


We have all heard of the famous college dropouts who went on to build billions dollar companies – Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are the prominent examples. These are even more interesting times when it comes to entrepreneurship. Thanks to technology, people can start businesses with little to no upfront costs or overhead, and new businesses emerge […]

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Top Accelerators and Incubators in India

Top accelerators incubators Indiia

In India, Dreams and visions of First time entrepreneurs are succoured by start up Incubators. Multiple efforts are being taken in this direction including Private business incubators started by industry veterans, accelerators supported by companies and VC fund and Govt supported Institute based technology incubators. How do Incubators differ from accelerators? Often Incubators and Accelerators […]

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Business Structure: Merits of setting up a Company

Incorporation offers certain advantages over all other business structures. The corporate personality, the nature and the advantages of a company ca n best be understood by looking at its characteristics. Advantages Independent Corporate Existence: Once registered and incorporated under the Companies Act, a company obtains a corporate personality, which is independent and distinct from that […]

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