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Attrition in startups despite a good pay

Indian start-ups face high attrition rate  of 21% despite being good paymasters, says a recent study. According to the study by global management consultancy Hay Group, in partnership with global venture capital firm Canaan Partners, 82 per cent of start-ups pay more than the market median and they also provide growth opportunities and interesting role […]

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Registering a business in India: What are the Options?

Every startup, for it to be legally valid, needs to be registered with the government. Unregistered startups cannot enforce their financial and other rights, and thus as a result, can run into great losses. Thus, every startup needs a “business vehicle” for it to proceed forward. Now, what is this “business vehicle”? A Business vehicle […]

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Accelerators and Incubators in India

accelerators india

Most of this post is still valid learning, however the list of top accelerators and incubators in India has been updated here (Link) While the ambition of a bootstrapped startup is gaining popularity today, most startups, irrespective of how innovative and advanced a product they might have, require some external help to grow from being […]

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