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Top ecommerce platforms in India and worldwide

top ecommerce platforms in the world

As the world moved online, Ecommerce was one of the first activities that gained rapid speed. So here is a trivia question for you: Question: When and Which was the world’s first ecommerce website? Answer: In 1971, during one of the earliest forms of the internet, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) arranged a transaction between students […]

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NASA’s technology saves 4 in Nepal by detecting heartbeats 10 feet under


4 men buried under the rubble for days after the Nepal earthquake were rescued using a special device made by NASA called FINDER (Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response). The instrument used microwave-radar technology to detect heartbeats of the 4 people trapped more than 10 feet below in two separate buildings. “It’s very gratifying to […]

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