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Facebook Marketing Agency India.

Building Blocks


Does your Facebook presence represent who you are as a brand? Your Ads will build upon the foundational block.

New Ad Strategy


Lead your target audience through the journey of Awareness, Interest and Conversion.

Re-targeted Visitors


No one buy at the first touch point. Have to maintain correct tracking to the targeted audience.

Increase in Engagement


Just as a brand manages to establish itself on social media by increasing its brand awareness, and followers.

SEO Experts

Best Facebook marketing Service in India.

Facebook Ads go much beyond simple boosting of a post. For your business to build adequate brand awareness and show upward growth, we at withStartups.com are the best Facebook marketing agency in India, to plan, optimize and manage Facebook ads. This entire process undergoes extensive research work before any graphics are created. We understand your brand and the consumer segment, the vision and objectives. Utilizing the gender, age, interests & behaviours, our certified team targets audience that show an affinity for similar products/ brands. We leverage offbeat strategies to structure ads that resonate with your intended interest groups, for instance - the carousel or video ads. The manual or auto-placement of ads depends entirely on the industry and the target audience with respect to the business objectives. Facebook has become extremely crucial for advertising and will continue to be the primary channel for consumer advertising with more than a billion people logging in daily. Facebook marketing can potentially boost your business, irrespective of it being already established or a startup. Marketing on Instagram & Facebook can fetch you genuine customers and build lasting relations with them.


Is your brand searchable or are you losing out to organic traffic?

More Sales

Drive Sales


Facebook conversion ads can drive sales faster than any other method. As you showcase products/ services that are most relevant to the targeted audience, your target market keeps expanding.

Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness


Facebook is a necessity. It is as crucial as having a website - the world is living on Facebook. Further, it is here that your brand can develop a unique personality and an engaging voice.

Website Traffic

Boost Website Traffic


By having a fresh stream of good content on your Facebook page in conjunction with appropriate ads, you are adding an additional channel for website traffic.

experts in field

What’s new for Facebook ads in 2020?

Facebook ads are supremely powerful tools that can turbocharge your social media game. With organic reach being negligible on both Instagram and Facebook, Paid Advertising is needed to reach your targeted audiences. We expect more brands will understand that the generic advertising will also no longer work. Specific ads will be created for people in the buying journey. More personalization and more experimentation will be used. Videos will be used by a much larger percentage of advertisers. The click costs will rise as the competition hardens, hence optimum targeting will become even more critical. On a macro-view, by 2020 a higher percentage of people will have access to the internet and social media than have access to water and electricity. 2020 will see a major shift in the general perception of people and how their priorities change.

What makes us the best facebook marketing agency in India?

Our Facebook marketing team is certified and experience. Our social media & Paid Ads (PPC) team is continually trying and testing new strategies, and methodologies that can work for various enterprises. Other than this, we have a different team that analyzes online activities and adopts new trends and patterns.

What's Facebook marketing cost in India?

There are various types of ads that can be created on Facebook. For new brands and businesses, it’s best to try different types of ads with smaller budgets, observe their performance and go with the one that gives the maximum return on ad investment for your business. There are a lot of factors that affect the overall budget/ cost of ads on Facebook like the run-time, bidding tactics, targeting, and the ad goal etc. Despite the existence of so many other social media platforms like Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter; Facebook continues to be the best platform for advertising and marketing for consumer brands. There isn’t a fixed cost, it depends wholly on the business/ brand, and how much the business owner is ready to invest in online advertising. 

What should be the minimum budget for facebook ads in India?

There is no fixed cost. Your Facebook ad cost depends solely on factors like the bidding, targeting, and the goal of the ad. 

The minimum daily ad budget can be as low as Rs. 100, depending entirely on the ad objective. For example – if you’re looking for impressions on the ad, even Rs 100 can get you eyeballs. If the business owner wants the audience to take custom actions like event registration, app download or any similar objectives, then the costs will go up.

How does your facebook ad process work?

We at withStartups.com offer the best quality Facebook Ad Strategy services in India. We have highly experienced PPC experts that are dedicated to increasing the traffic, leads & conversions for your brand. We create custom & lookalike audiences to ensure correct targeting as well as retargeting. Ads management is combined with monthly reports and client meetings to improve ROI and goals.