Social media has completely changed the way people communicate with each other and with the world at large. They play an important role in every field now, especially so for a startup. Starting from the very birth of an idea, its conceptualization  to the planning, each step involves social media.

  1. First of all, social media forms the most important part of any kind of market research. They are the best means to decide whether people are ready for your idea or not, will they receive it positively or not, will you be able to get the funds, and many such questions.Social media
  2. You are unrecognized. Social media help you gain recognition. At the least people will throw a cursory glance at your page, group etc. Note the amount of people you target by every single share on Facebook, or a tweet. Imagine the amount of diversity and reach. It’s the new best way for marketing and branding.
  3. Social media is an addiction. If they find you there, they are bound to seek more information about you, thus making you popular. People on social networking sites are mostly waiting for new information. Social networking sites are the new news channel for everyone around. What newspapers and radio did back in time is exactly what these sites will do for your brand.
  4. Once you are popular, everybody in a social circle would like to try it out to form opinions, thus bring in new clients for you. It gives any startup a kick start, which in-turn makes it easier to make people realise the awesome-ness of your idea. Social media presence will make people realise that they have some unmet needs, and your brand can fulfil those efficiently. They create the necessity for utilising your services.
  5. Social media helps you target your audience in a better and efficient way. They make your audience feel connected in a much personal and informal way. They look at you not just as a money-hogging enterprise but as a group of individual working on something from scratch. They give people the impression that the individuals behind your startup are talented and humble at the same time. You gain respect and publicity, what else do you need on earth? A little empathy always helps, you know.
  6. If you don’t spread information about your start-up on social media, someone else will about theirs, and they will get popular while you won’t. Enough incentive to get in the competition even if you don’t think it’s right. The right amount of social marketing will give you that much needed edge in this competitive world.
  7. Social media presence makes the consumer believe that you are there for them. Sounds like a couple thing? Well yeah, it makes them believe that you are available, and waiting to help them. The more welcoming you are initially, the more benefit you will get later. It displays your mastery in the field, presents you as the best catch to meet their needs.
  8. It helps you make friends in the right places too. You get appreciated by too many famous people, and bam you are the next famous thing. Some rich person might just stumble across your page, and give you the biggest break, or fund your next project. You never know, it’s a huge world of possibilities…

So be ready with a social media strategy at the very beginning, chalk it all out. Get help if required. You might want to build up the suspense, increase curiosity, before the actual launch of the product/brand.

Remember – If you are not online you don’t exist

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