In the midst of an information overload, we are still left searching for the right answers. is aiming to solve this problem by providing verified advisors on a platform and making it easier to ask for and receive qualified information.

Who is the team behind Advisome and how did the idea come to be?

Sandeep Kundu-  website design, Technology integration & app development,

Dr. Swati sinha- BDS, MBA , Content development & business strategy

Abhimanyu lakhani – M.Tech(IIT) Technology innovation & integration

Surender singh – Marketing manager

Some time back, a friend of mine desperately needed some advice related to IAS coaching and guidance institutes, optional subject to choose, the subjects to opt for and more. Then I realised that there is a genuine need of reliable and quick solutions to many day-to-day problems. Although professionals are there but the interactions between the information seeker & experts is not organised still. So it motivated us to create an online platform where these interactions can take place & each interaction is going to help someone realise his/her goal & solve their day to day problems without much confusion.

Team Advisome
Sandeep, Swati, Abhimanyu, Surender (Team Advisome – clockwise from top left)

How is Advisome different from traditional forums or something like Quora?

We are providing verified advisors whose profile is actually a virtual office at advisome. Appointment system integration, Direct marketing of products and services via enquiry by messages/ chats. Payment system integration for consultations. It is more of one to one interaction in a virtual space with privacy maintenance.

Who are your typical users and the typical advisors?

The spectrum of users is broad as we are having advisors from various areas like legal, health, education, travels, technology to name a few. So it makes the user base broad and we aspire to provide solutions under one roof so that there is no need to visit different sites and apps for different purpose.

How are you incentivising high quality advisors to invest their time in answering questions? 

Our advisors are getting payments when they provide consultations to Questers. Also our advisors are able to display their services and maintain star ratings, so that their credentials become strong.

How has the growth been since launch and what are the future plans?

We are moving exactly as we planned. We are working on Mobile App too and will be able to launch it by November this year. Today we have 2100+ advisors and we are operating in Delhi. Within 6 months we will be expanding to 4 more states.

What is your one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

No idea is small & Never stop trying because those who try, only win.   

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