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Mayank Satkar – Founder,

Is there still space for niche social networks? Mayank Satkar (Founder – seems to think so. The site combines the traditional social community with online competitions – all focused on the college students. With a high growth since inception, aims to become the leading student portal for aptitude competitions. The story in detail below:

Is an assessment platform that works socially, a social network that organizes competitions or something else? is competition forum and an academic social network site with college students as its main target audience. In this Educational Website we conduct Online Competitions and Online Aptitude Evaluation, also publish Edu-Stories and it has opportunity for creating Student Network. It’s an academic social networking site in itself, as every user who is registered will be notified about all the activities of other members in their network. It provides real-time information about the activities of peers & friends in your network to create a sense of competition among students. 


What is the long term vision for – almost one year since starting out, how has that vision reshaped?

“Our vision is to become the largest student online portal where they can come to compete with each other regularly to sharpen there knowledge & aptitude skills.”
Being one year into it’s operation our vision is still intact and in fact become stronger because of the increasing reach and website traction.

As almost anyone would attest – building and retaining a community is one of the toughest of tasks. How have you gone about it?

Maintaining a network is all about Communication. Keeping the website updates within the loop of the existing users is the key to enhance the website traction. We have modelled our self such that we touch all the possible communication channel like email notifications, mobile, social media and auto-notification mailers to the users. The people within the network get their friend’s competition participation notification by default and it also gets updated in their Facebook wall automatically through our Facebook App.

Really liked your methodology of keeping a lean core team with more student ambassadors – how do the ambassadors work in promoting the venture?

We have currently 24 SCAs in 24 various Engineering Colleges across India. We involve them in promoting any portal activity within their digital network as well as within their campuses through official notices and word-of-mouth promotion. We are strategising to involve SCAs region wise under various Regional Heads very soon to ensure the high involvement of the college students.

What are the type of competitions you run – what do the students gain from participating?

Currently we are conducting regular Online Quizzes and Online Aptitude evaluation series. We also offer them to involve themselves into Campus Placement related aptitude tests by creating IT Company specific tests. Also, time to time we conduct dedicated quizzes by involving sponsors or colleges. Currently we reward them through minimal cash prizes and certificates but in time to come as we get good sponsors we want to reward students in a big way regularly which will motivate them to involve more and more. Students gain a lot of confidence, competitive spirit, real test of sharpening their necessary knowledge and aptitude skills.

What is your one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

1.      Focus on providing ‘VALUE’ to your audience because that’s the only thing they will/can believe and not on you or your brand even if you are an IIT or IIM grad.

2.      Remember, “Keep up the good work, good things will follow you”

3.      Be ready with 3-Ps before starting of your own; Passion, Patience and Persistence


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