What is Contex8 and who is the team behind your venture?

Contex8 is a simplified newsfeed platform, enabling users to browse newstrends across various categories in real-time.Although news aggregators have come of age and the digital media space is densely occupied, we at Contex8 are looking at this space from a unique perspective gathering vital user interaction stats and providing brand timelines for advertisers.

The team at Contex is really young but disruptive and knows no age-barriers. As a team, the members first collaborated on a campus newsfeed project, 80% of the team belongs to engineering background. We were fascinated by media-tech start-ups over the span of mid-2014. Further discussions followed by a growing market, and a constant need for Contex8 was felt by the founding members Roy Riddhinil and Saikat Bhunia.

Currently, Contex8 is a 6 member team Saikat, Gitarth (Analytics & Review). The content team comprises Abhinav, Pulkit. Marketing & Corporate Relations headed by Akash and Riddhinil. Core values of the founding team at Contex8 remains, disrupting the media space providing a simplified alternative. Contex8 is looking forward to reaching out to journalism schools and premier institutions for its internship drive in the session 2016.

How did you come across this idea? What was missing from the current solutions that you are seeking to fix?

Contex8 simplified news-feedAt Contex8, the team were fascinated by shorthand and keyword based news reporting which reporters and journalists use to record more information in shorter words span. Although making it easy to understand at the user end seemed tough, they took it up as a challenge and thus for a newstrend elaborating its origin, news in context and most importantly the impact it carries by integrating user-rated polls. That’s been the idea behind Contex8, to provide people a simplified newsfeed platform.

The current solutions in the market, that are existing across mobile and web applications are focussed at aggregating news and gather information in quantity from news-source. We at Contex8 believe in the power of quality news, as far as users are concerned we keep upto the expectations by keeping the platform real-time thereby interacting with them by user rated polls and surveys that help us understand their news-feed preferences. Digital media can be unique advertising based portal in the coming times, and we at Contex8 understand the need for brands to have an updated platform for spreading the word in an unique approach.Our brand timeline, embedded in the category does just that and matches the product-market fit.

How are you acquiring (or planning to acquire) your first customers and what has been the learning along the way?

We have been acquiring users from the first day of our launch, as news websites involve lot of common topics that are open to discussion among people in general so we had to initially reach out to social media to get an understanding of how this works. Although we have been working on upgrading our SEO infrastructure for the same we have been working on various internet mediums to spread the word about Contex8 and understand their expectation of the newsfeed timeline they would prefer. Learning along the way has been really amazing and interesting at times. We had been working at odd hours, sleeping in shifts. We have been observing a hackathon kind of culture ever since we launched and setting the trend for the future is our priority, we are all interested to contribute our share in making the digital media space more interesting, thereby engage users and brands.

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