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Founder Interview: Digital Gorkha

Coming in as a comprehensive security solution, Digital Gorkha streamlines the identification, authentication, registration, badging and monitoring of visitors. Founder, Hitesh Malviya tells more.

Please tell more about the team and the idea behind Digital Gorkha.

Security is a matter of concern, majority of crimes happening in city are due to simple negligence. For instance, how sure are you, about the unknown visitors who enter your apartment complex? Wherever we go, any office, or any society, the system is that we need to fill out details in a visitor book, which can be definitely tampered with or misled by filling in with wrong details and mobile number. What if a criminal tampers with this data and gets access to the premises and checks your house before striking it. You would not be able to trace back the visitors behind records, even if we had to view old records, we’d have to locate them among other entries. 

We realised that there was lack of organisation in the way things were happening and that some mechanism can be put in place to enhance it. Thats how digital gorkha born.

We replaced the visitor book with an android application. Digital Gorkha brings a paperless solution to make visitor registrations more swift and easier. It verifies the mobile number of the first time visitor, capture his/her image, gets his required information, sends a confirmation SMS/CALL to resident/recipient. They can only check-in once they get a confirmation from the recipient. Their data are instantly uploaded on a server, residents can view visitor information with their check in/checkout time from their dashboard

I cofounded this product with Suraj Sunder who is an MBA and having 15+ years of experience in sales and marketing. He has been worked at senior posts with MNCs.

I am a JECRC, Jaipur alumnus, has over five years of entrepreneurial experience. Back in his college days I founded a venture that provides information security training and pen testing services – HCF Infosec Pvt. Ltd. After exiting HCF Infosec, I floated another startup web and mobile app development company, Sriyaan Technologies.

As a startup, how did you get your initial few clients since your business is in the B2B domain, and more than likely there would have been multiple layers of decision makers?

We are backed by one of leading developer in Pune, They provided us a very strong reference network in Pune.  We got our initial few clients from their reference. Digital gorkha is need of market so people connects it with security problem. We have a 100% track record till now, whomever we met , got ready to do business with us. We are first mover in the industry plus we are solving a strong problem that is helping us to go ahead with pace.

What were the initial hesitations from the client side?

Our client never seen such kind of platform anywhere so they were hesitant initially, They had doubts about its acceptance from both residents and security guard, but later on when we installed in few societies, they started accepting us, because it is loved by both residents and security guard.

What is the feedback from your current customers?

We collected feedbacks from ten societies, where DG is installed, I would like to highlight few feedbacks from some society residents.

“ This is the most useful product developed for residential security. I am happy now i can keep track on my staffs, Thanks DG for such an amazing product”

-Col. Khanna, Manjri Green , Pune

“In my society, Watchman loved using this. He got something to play which actually improving security of living residents, Great product”

-Sagar Pandit, Asperia, Pune

Where is most value being added?

● Determine who is on your premises

● Track staff activities and safety on premises

● Immediately ID unwanted or unwelcome visitors

● Make the registration process quick and easy

● Allow residents to pre-register their visitors on your streamlined interface

What are your next plans for growth and business?

We are launching visitor book apps for hotels, warehouses and offices in next month. We are also coming up with Mobile application for residents to access dashboard. We will be expanding operations in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru,Chennai by next quarter.  We are in talk with Few Investors for next round of funding. Funds will be used for business expansion and Technology development.

What are your tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Do what you love and start what you think, this is the right time An Idea is nothing without execution. Start doing rather than only thinking. If you steady on your business progress, no one can stop you to touch A billion dollar mark, it might take time but one day you will achieve anyhow.

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