E-commerce in India is still in its growth phase, with bigger players pumping in money and niche players working hard to establish a brand for loyal customers. Fighting Fame is one such clothing brand that is focusing on Men’s t-shirts and aiming to rapidly expand to other segments. Cofounder, Varun Mukhi tells more.

Who is the team behind Fighting Fame and how did the idea come to be?

Fighting Fame, launched in July 2015, is the brainchild of two friends – Varun Mukhi & Rishabh Joshi. After earning post graduate degrees from Imperial College London and London School of Economics, both Varun and Rishabh moved back to India. Breaking the traditional norm of joining family business the duo initially chose their own unique career paths. Rishabh began to make ground waves with a career in Electronic Music while Varun worked with a growing Cyber Security startup.

However, these two men had another common interest – a tremendous passion for fashion supported by big entrepreneurial desires. Noticing the complete lack of high quality, trendy yet affordable garments in the Indian apparel segment, this duo decided to create their own brand to exploit this unique unfulfilled space in the market.

What is different about Fighting Fame as a venture and as a fashion brand?

FIGHTING FAME as a ‘brand’ was developed with two underlying concepts. First, both founders had a vision to build a label which is at the forefront of being seen as high quality, accessible and chic. This goes beyond just following trends but bringing in new product categories altogether. Second, Fighting Fame has the underlying meaning to be different. The founders guarantee that during the development of the brand, they will shake up the norms currently established and followed by other similar retailers. Follow them, and you won’t have a choice but to be Fighting Fame.

Who is your main target customer?

Our main target customer is a young fashionista between the ages of  16-32, with a taste for unique, trendy, classy yet affordable clothing.

The e-commerce sector has become extremely competitive and cash burning – how are you planning to compete with the big players?

The idea is simple. Firstly, we have ensured that our products are of a higher quality than almost every player in the same price segment. Secondly, instead of competing with the big players on an advertising level monetarily, we are working on unique ways to market our product, especially through collaborations with fashion bloggers, social media influencers, actors. musicians, music concerts etc.

How has your growth been since launch and what are the future plans?

We are a little over a month old, and have received a very promising response from our target market. Sales are growing organically at the moment and there is already an eager anticipation for our next collection. Going forward, we intend to launch a women’s line in addition to entering other segments of the apparel industry such as caps, shoes, tracks etc.

What is your one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

The biggest challenge especially for us was to constantly keep the ball rolling on a time schedule in the buildup to launching our brand. We hit numerous roadblocks along the way, and at times even had to delay our time table a little. However, figuring out efficient and effective solutions to different unanticipated issues quickly is something that we believe is really important when you are just starting off. Don’t be afraid to change the destination during the journey.

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