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Founder Interview:

You know the customer is king – but are you taking the king’s feedback seriously? After years of filling in meaningless feedback forms that were rarely ever read again, let alone analysed, a young startup is aiming to make it easier to collect, analyse and act upon customer feedback.

Who is the team behind and how did the idea get conceptualized?

We are two co-founders along with 4 full time colleagues.

Nitin Bhadauria(CEO): Nitin is a MBA grad from IIM Bangalore. After passing out from IIM, he rejected the placement offer and instead started Business performance management company Alitum Solution along with 2 other IIM B colleagues.

Niteesh(CTO): Niteesh is a CS grad from IIT Guwahati. He has 2 year experience in Directi. He loves coding and has won numerous hackathalons.

Idea of Fungru popped up when founders were sitting in a restaurant started by friend. They were not happy with the service time and wanted to complaint and asked for feedback form. At first employees didn’t bother to give them form and after insistence when they did, they were not too keen to listen to our issues. Considering that we knew how customer centric our friend is, it was hurting us that an employee’s bias can lead to communication gap between customers and brand owners. We knew existing paper feedback forms or complete dependencies on employees have to go.  That’s when the idea of building an automated real time feedback system evolved.


Everyone agrees that customer feedback is a crucial element for business success, yet too often it is relegated to the back burner – why do you think that is and how does make the process easier?

Feedback process has been in industry for long. There are only few organizations that are taking it seriously. However, with the advent of social media and review sites like zomato, trip advisors etc,  brand managers are now afraid. They live in fear of having bad online reputation in market as it impacts their new customer acquisition. So lots of them have started taking feedback seriously. Now in Funrgoo we are able to smoothen the process of feedback in following ways:

  1. Comprehensive tool to manage complete feedback process: Fungru completes the loop. On the other hand other vendors don’t. Our configurable SaaS module ensures that any company can implement our system within 1 hour.
  2. Questionnaire changes for every customer: Customer doesn’t like filling feedback form. They are asked the same question every time they visit the store. It leads to disinterest among customers. Fungru intelligent questionnaire ensures that question changes for every customer based on his previous questions, billing history etc. It ensures that more customers are willing to fill the form and they fill it properly.


Which type of businesses (sector, startup or enterprise etc) would be the core target for your product? In other words, which businesses would benefit the most?

We are targeting offline sector where service component is very high. So hospitality, hospitals, financial institutions, restaurants are our primary target.  Any sector where there are multiple touch points like website, mobile app, in store, social media to engage with customers, they should take Fungru.


Your product seems to capture the entire chain of the feedback process – creating questionnaires, distribution, feedback collection and action & analysis. Can you explain the typical customer journey in more detail?

Typically customers want to start the feedback collection process in their store using tablet feedback app designed by us. They first define the touch point where they want to take feedback from. After that, they can configure their own feedback questionnaire or can use exiting template. After definition they allocate the form to device and start collecting feedback. Data from app directly goes to our analytics engine, which churns out customer centric metrics. These metrics are delivered to different stakeholders in organization through morning mailer or real time dashboard. Also, client can define real time action on dissatisfied customer using our ticketing module.


Any interesting customer success stories or testimonials that you would like to share?

There are many. To start with there is a hospital in Chennai. Their management knew that food served in hospital is not up to the mark. However, they were not able to fire the team, as they didn’t have concrete data. Fungru gave them data that 76% patients are not happy with the food service. Numbers were good enough to let go of vendor.

In another example, one of our cosmetic chain management team was investing heavily on radio marketing. However, decision was based on intuition rather than data. Fungroo helped them identifying marketing channel effectiveness and saved marketing dollars.


What is your one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Focus, Persistence and  continuous feedback.

Decide upon a problem, go with single-minded focus. Persist with the idea if you believe in it and continuously keep taking feedback from market. If you repeat this cycle month on month, most probably you will be successful.

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