Goevnts.com is a comprehensive business events database of 800+ events spread over 50 industries, cities and countries around the world. Growing rapidly, the venture also provides various value added services like post-event promotion and advertising opportunities. Murali Krishna, founder of govents.com shares more about the venture.

Who is the team behind Goevnts.com and how did the idea come to be?

Before starting Goevnts, I has been operating EVHUB.IN an online green technology news portal which gave me opportunity to get in touch with many event managers around the world for working as media partnership to their events. But the events partnered were only related to green tech industry. Even as an engineer myself, I attended many events as exhibitor and visitor. I found that the following issues are in the events industry around the world:

Event attendees are neither able to choose the right events to suit their business interests, nor spot the right exhibitor to help grow their business.

Event exhibitors find difficult to choose the right event to display their products and services.

The event managers do not have any value adding services for event exhibitors and attendees. This make the event less accessible and they fail to get advertising and exhibition revenue.

It was to combat these issues, that Goevnts was created as web and mobile based platform for event managers, exhibitors and event enthusiasts.

As you remarked, your differentiation lies in the post-event coverage – can you explain that a bit more in features and outcome?

There are many events publishing companies around the world who just list the events. Our uniqueness is despite we list the events manually by our content development team with quality details, we also have the post-event coverage feature for the events. In details, the post-event coverage is to give media coverage to any event about the overall event activites, specific exhibitor’s reviews, product reviews. This service is a premium service which gives the event managers an edge over their competitors as with this feature the event manager is value adding to their exhibitors a better visibility and increasing their ROI by dealing with them. This even helps event managers build their brand and have a loyal clients in long run.

The project is unique in the following ways compared to other event portals:

Content updated by Goevnts team which helps the visitor get the quality information about events as we take care to give as much details as possible.

Our Live / after event coverage of event which gives the event manager an improved branding and also getting better returns as they add value to their exhibitors and attendees.

Event specific press releases which is currently not available on any PR websites.

Mobile app for event which also including the after event updates by event manager which will keep the already existing exhibitors and attendees engaged and motivate them to partner in future recurring events. (In development)

How are you collecting the events data from around the world?

Due to association with EVHUB.IN for last 8 years, I have exhaustive global contacts in event management industry. I guide my team to update those events who contact me directly for publishing their event information. In addition, one can email us to [email protected] where we will review the event and place the detailed event data online for free.

While SEO is important for all websites, in your case it would be likely be critical. How have you approached this?

We still not yet implemented SEO concepts yet but using the wordpress premium theme and updated the code according our custom requirement. As wordpress is already follow SEO partially, we are not concentrating on this now. We will target the SEO after 6 months from now.

How has the growth been since launch and what are the future plans? Where do you see the revenue stream?

Its been 6 months since launch, Goevnts has already listed more than 800 global events, media partnered with more than 25+ events and exclusively covered more than 6 events. With a small team of 4 both in India and China, we have achieved this with minimum overheads. We find the potential to growth is tremendous as we are providing the right product and service which is required by the event industry.

Goevnts’ future plans include to have the following to make it scalable by diversifying the operations:

Custom mobile application development for events.
Standard mobile application for exhibitors with low cost and optimum features.
Custom mobile application for partnering with travel websites and support event attending for the visitors.
Channel partnerships to events for other countries as agent and sell the stall space and conference tickets.
E-commerce portal for exhibition gifts and support exhibitors to have a best price and better quality gifts for their distribution in the stalls.

Currently the revenue streams come from the following activities:
Content: We provide the event details such as title, event details, dates & calendar integration, web links, organizer details, event banner and organizer logo, classifying the event to various categories like Industry and geographies.
Services: Advertising services: We have both banner advertising and listing advertising which gives the event good exposure and visibility.
Exclusive coverage: of events, exhibitor stalls and products by reviewing and publishing on website.
Product services: A custom mobile application for each event manager and standard app for medium sized managers to help them go mobile
Paid Event press releases: to support event companies have premium reach of their target clients
Paid content: Exclusive coverage content will be accessible to interested visitor with a nominal payment

What is your one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

My belief is if you believe.
If you have dreamt of any idea, don’t worry if someone have already implemented it or not. Just start off and work on your own way and work on its improvement rigoursly compared to already existing companies.

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