In this world which has never been as inter-connected as it presently is, social media has taken prominence in almost every aspect of our lives. Be it for sharing our thoughts, our lives, our opinions. You name it, you have it on Social media. One such unique and quite successful social media website is Hammer. It boasts itself of being one of the very few platforms from where you can give and get instant opinions from anyone and anywhere in the world, just by the click of a button, be it about anything for that matter: from philosophy to fashion. Here we present an interview with the Founders of Hammer, Mr. Amit Khanna and Mr. Gaurav Khanna. Read on!

Can you briefly tell us how Hammer works?

Hammer is a social and fun app which assists people in getting and sharing instant opinions, exchanging ideas and news on one common platform, at a moment’s notice. Users can simply upload photos, ask questions and share opinions instantly.

It connects people of all ages and walks of life across the world through opinions which are unbiased, honest and independent. Hammer encourages pushing the boundaries further, enabling users to meet new people and newer ideas from around the globe.

Hammer assists in connecting with people for exchanging ideas, opinions, and even for news! Moreover, users can post views and opinions along with comments on others’ questions.

How is Hammer different from apps like Whatsapp and WeChat?

Hammer stands apart from other social networks by the fact that it isn’t limited to one’s circle of friends and family, but connects the users with other like-minded people. It boosts a collaborative interaction between the users and enables them to share new ideas emanating from around the globe. One can also share news by posting and voting about trending topics and updating oneself about happenings around the world. Hammer provokes you to speak your mind. How many times do we actually think what do we like more, or what do people think will be better for me, that’s where Hammer differs.

Opinions on personal matters like which dress suits me, etc cannot be asked to anyone and everyone. So, who exactly is your target audience?

We are targeting people of all ages and walks of life around the world. If a person isn’t ready to share his/her identity with the people, then he/she can post their questions anonymously, thereby guarding their personal space. Even users have the choice to select their target audience; they may post the Question only to their friends.

Why would people choose Hammer over Whatsapp or WeChat, when these apps cover a much wider range of services rather than only opinion generation?

In today’s age everyone demands instantaneous communication. There is a need for getting quick opinions and solutions to all the confusions. With the Hammer App, you don’t have to wait long for others’ opinions. Wherever you are, just click, upload a photo, post a question and get instant opinions at a moment’s notice. And the fact that Hammer lets you reach a wider audience of like-minded people is our biggest USP. People across the globe give opinions on the questions posted by all, in just one click. At Hammer, people meet new people and newer ideas. Global Instant opinions are hammered out every moment. One can share news, make friends and send them messages too.

What is your revenue generation model? Have you reached your breakeven point?

Hammer was conceptualized out of passion. Of course, revenues are not out of mind and also not the only priority. We already have a business plan at hand for Hammer.

How did you come across this idea? What are your future plans?

Hammer was conceptualized out of passion, to give a different meaning to social networking and to give a different direction to people’s thinking. We have bigger plans for Hammer so that more and more people know about it and use it, and it becomes a need and a means of convenience in life. We are coming up with many other unique concepts in the App World.

One tip to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Passion and vision are the keys to success.

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