Look hard enough and you would find that there are still niches left in the tremendously competitive Indian e-commerce sector. Homesake.in aims to be the destination for contemporary Indian home decor and handicrafts. Co-founder, Avi Jain shares the story.

Avi Jain homesake.in
Avi Jain, Co-founder – Homesake.in

What is the concept behind Homesake.in and who is the team?

The concept behind Homesake is simply ” Affordable Art and Decor at your doorstep”. When we look on micro-level, we are working with numerous artists bringing hidden gems of Indian Art and Craft in a different avatar, we are ensuring we are operationally capable to ship Pan India without any glitches, and we ensure the experience a customer has while purchasing art and craft is awesome.
In team, we are a group of 7 people, with each one having their own expertise and working relentlessly to bring art and decor closer to masses.

E-commerce is now extremely competitive for new players. How are defining your niche and competitive advantages?

Ecommerce is competitive, but at same time a large population is comfortable purchasing online. Also because of no good option of affordable art and decor, with variety, we feel its a very promising space. This is supported by increasing orientation of people towards their personal space and good spending on Decor and Interiors. We have received many positive reviews and this validates our business model, though we have a long journey to go.

Our Advantage is simply best products at better price. To complement the same, a lot fo design tips and inspirations for working professional or busy people, along with a few hacks. This is a unique amalgamation of Content and Commerce, with smart shopping which gives us an edge over our peers.

How are you sourcing the products and who are the designers/ suppliers?

Thee products are sourced from many states and places, with a few products made in 2-3 different states. We have an in-house designer team with a few consultants who work with us on designs.

How has your growth been since launch and what are the future plans?

It has been almost 9 months since our launch, and we have seen a steady growth with good to excellent response from our customers. We have been featured in almost all top Indian Interior design magazines, and featured by many top Indian and International Home decor bloggers and Curators.
Every single testimonial or word of appreciation stands as a validation of our model and change in Indian Art and Craft that we aspire to bring.

What is your one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs

Never ever Give Up..!! Hope backed with faith is the only fuel that can keep you going. Though you need to constantly evolve and make some changes from time to time, but that doesnt mean the model or idea is wrong, its just Many people will reject you, not support you, or think you could have done better, but that small “Thank You” or “Kind words” from a happy customer is worth going on.

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