The fitness landscape is changing in India. People of all age groups are experimenting with different fitness regimes ranging from the traditional yoga to rock climbing & adventure races. As the ecosystem is developing, young start-ups are also focusing in this area with new ideas and innovation. Jogo is one such startup that brings a skilled and dedicated team to the landscape. Saurabh Aggarwal (Co-Founder) tells more about the venture.


Who is the team behind Jogo and how did the idea come to be?

We are 5 graduates of IIT Delhi. I joined Flipkart after college and then decided to pursue my dream to become an endurance athlete and adventure enthusiast. I am an Ironman and La-Ultra finisher. Naman, led the mobile apps team in Zomato for the last 4 years, while Rahool was heading marketing in UrbanClap and prior to which he was heading digital marketing in Yepme. Ajitesh has worked as a management consultant with KPMG for two years. Jai was a famous athlete in IIT Delhi.

The motivation behind Jogo was a mix of problems in this sector and our passion for fitness. We personally found it difficult to find right training partner, hire coaches and discover activities. After discussing among ourselves, then with experienced runners and cyclists we came up with this idea.

How is the fitness community and the general awareness about fitness changing in India?

In last decade, this industry has come a long way from being non-existent. The industry, which catered to limited sections of society, has now consumed the middle class. Salman Khan, Bipassa Basu, Milind Soman and other celebrities have played a big role in popularizing fitness activities specially running and cycling. At present fitness industry is USD 17 bn market, and is expected to grow at 20-25% yoy.

Who are your typical users? And what has their initial feedback been?

Our target group is anyone with an aspiration to be fit.
We have received excellent feedback. All our users are really enthralled after using Jogo which is solving their problem in a coherent way. Our app has got 5 star rating from 105 users till now. One cycling group even launched a ride to mark our launch.

Many people buy gym memberships and similar but then fail to keep up, (how) does your mobile app ensure sustained motivation?

Lack of training partner is a major reason for dropout in various fitness activities. Our platform will help connect users in real time over shared activities. This will not only help to sustain motivation, but also induce regularity and punctuality.

You are aiming to build a social network and a marketplace for the fitness community, both of which are not trivial tasks – how are you going to go about it and which task would assume priority?

Despite a surge in economic activity in this sector, accessibility and reliability of fitness service is still a challenge. You have to put a lot of efforts, and explore multiple platforms, to find suitable activities, right training partner and qualified service professionals. We aim to bridge this information gap. At our platform, you can create, find and join activities in real time. We have listed day to day activities of clubs and individuals and are helping people to connect with training partner.

What is your one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Decide the problem you are passionate to solve and take a leap of faith. Work like this is the only purpose of your life. You will succeed.

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