Kowrk spaceWhat is kowrk and who is the team behind your venture?

kowrk.com is a platform to connect coworking spaces and users. We have more than 60 verified coworking spaces listed on the platform. We are currently present in Hong Kong, Cambodia and India and will be launching in Singapore soon. We aspire to be the marketplace for coworking spaces and users in South East Asia.

Honey J Kathuria: Honey is the founder of Kowrk.com. Her experience of managing the offline business in the Asia-Pacific region for Hotels.com helped her recognise the future of co-working spaces and develop a deep insight into the nuances of connecting users and providers of perishable real-estate inventory. She leverages her 15 years of consulting and management experience gained across 5 countries and 3 continents to manage operations of Kowrk.

Dr Abhishek Kathuria: Abhishek, the co-founder of Kowrk.com, is an Assistant Professor of Innovation and Information Management at the School of Business of The University of Hong Kong. As a Strategist, Technologist and Futurist, he has spent the past 15 years teaching, doing researching, and providing consulting & advisory services on business performance improvement, business & IT strategy, emerging technologies and technology entrepreneurship to multiple organisations spread across 5 countries. Abhishek provides strategic vision and guides innovation at Kowrk.

How did you come across this idea? What was missing from the current solutions that you are seeking to fix?

While helping a friend to finalise a coworking space for her startup, I realised the absence of a common platform to find and book such places. Having managed Asia Pacific operations of Hotels.com, I knew that technology can support a common marketplace for coworking spaces and users. Our aim is to be an originator of leads and referrals for co-working spaces and a source of information for their customers.

How did you acquire (or are planning to acquire) your first customers and what has been the learning along the way?

One of the challenges users have is not knowing about experience of other customers. Hence we are gathering reviews about coworking users to generate confidence in new buyers. Kowrk is an easy to use platform to promote user adoption. We are using digital marketing to build our user base and acquire first customer. We are reaching out to potential customers through social media and plan to conduct events in near future.

What are the future plans for growth?

We plan to expand horizontally by reaching out to coworking spaces in South East Asia. Our vertical expansion will include other providers of shared offices such as business centers. At the same time we have planned to introduce features and functionalities on our website to enhance customer experience and generate revenue.

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