Anyone among us who has not been utterly frustrated by the chaos of traffic around? Every major city is facing the same exponential growth in vehicles leading to jams, pollution, time wastage. An obvious but rarely used solution is to try car pooling or ride-sharing, but the apparent inconvenience of arranging such systems puts many people off. is a solution that tries to remove the hiccups in ride-sharing by making it a social process. Rajkumar Mundel (Founder) explains more.
What is the story (and who is the team) behind the launch of Let’s Ride?

Whenever u peep through the window of any private car on the road, there is bound to be one or two seats empty. Today in India, in metro cities almost 80% of the families are nuclear family. In the age of nuclear families, even if whole family is in the car, there is a possibility of a seat still vacant. Why not just fill up these seats, and reduce the number of cars, reduce the honking horns, reduce the traffic jams and work towards building a greener place to breathe in for our future generations to come.

Let’s Ride was founded by me, Rajkumar Mundel. I am a BE from Army Institute of Technology College, Pune. One of my very close friends , Praveen Mane(Co-Founder) does all the technical part. He is also BE from Army Institute of Technology College, Pune. And our third member is Averi Pal Choudhuri who is a traveller and so helps with the marketing for our team.

Let’s Ride is a mini social platform for ridesharing. We believe to Connect – Commute – Change. It gives the chance to the users to first get connected to others. This further makes the commuting easier as users know each other to some extent through the social platform. Not just the user saves money, but contribution is made towards saving fuel energy, reducing carbon footprint and thereby making this place greener. We have taken an oath to have free flowing traffic, and a target of doubling ridesharing in India. In many metropolitan areas, doubling ride-sharing would eliminate the most serious traffic congestion.


.Two questions come to my mind if I was looking to share a ride: a) How do I trust the person with whom I would be sharing and b) Is this a one time thing, like “I am going to someplace this evening, anyone want to share a ride” or a more consistent “I go office via this route, who would want to carpool”. And if it is (b) how do I check everyday that the partner is on time/going etc. Your thoughts?

a) The Trust issue was our primary concern while building up the design for Let’s Ride portal. The sole reason behind making this a mini social portal, was to give people a chance to first look into a fellow rider’s profile, get to know about the person, check his ridesharing network and then go ahead and take a ride. This routine would help people to build up a trust factor automatically through our Connect motto and Verification module(future release). Community members will constantly give user reviews about untrustworthy people based on hashtags #Review #Bad or #Review #Good.

b) It is for both one time and for daily commutes. People can deal with the inconsistent time issues by creating their ridehsharing network i.e they can follow more people who go at same time so that inconsister timing factor can be overcome. For eg- They can follow N number people who travel at  9 AM, 10 AM , 11 AM… and same case in evening


Crowdsharing of resources is certainly a high growth sector outside, how do you see it evolving India?

It is growing in India.Mostly the youth is aware of its benefits so they are willing to take up such options. This being a community model it needs awareness among the people. Gradually and eventually this has to eveolve as it will be the need of the day.


Any interesting story to share since starting out?

For one of the very first huge professional event( – Techsparks 2013) that we attended, everyone around was suited up and there we were with our company logo poster worn as a chef’s hat on our heads. As much courage it took to wear such a thing in such a ‘suited up’ environment, it was also very funny that it became a hit at that event. Not a single eye missed that hat. And there on we came to be known as ‘the guy with the hat’. Sometimes only an innocent silly act can make you a super star.

Early days, but what is your one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

One thing that can take entrepreneurs through the long road is Consistency.


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