Expanding the on-demand beauty market, MyGlamm is a hyper local marketplace of stylists & beauticians that provide on-demand hair, beauty, nail and spa services at a customer’s doorstep. The team tells more about the venture.

Who is the team behind MyGlamm and how did the idea come to be?

The glamm team that brought to India the finest salons & spas like the French L’OCCITANE Spas, the New York based Warren Tricomi Salons and the fashionable ELLE Spas & Salons, is the team behind MyGlamm.

Team MyGlamm is already over 60 folks strong and is an eclectic mix of; operations + technology | education + domain expertise | youth + experience. Comprising IITians, MBAs from Kellogg, ESADE and industry experience with Lakme, Quikr, BBlunt, Jean Claude Biguine, CapGemini and a lot more, Team MyGLamm has set out to revolutionise the beauty industry in India, with technology as an enabler.

While running Warren Tricomi Salons & L’Occitane Spas, we noticed consumers asking our stylists to come home. We also noticed consumers complaining that they never got last minute appointments. Thus, we saw there was a clear need in the market for high quality on demand hair & beauty services delivered at a consumer’s doorstep. And that’s how MyGlamm was born, to meet this need.

Darpan Sanghvi, CEO MyGlamm
Darpan Sanghvi, CEO MyGlamm

How big is the (on-demand) beauty market and what was missing from the traditional solutions?

The beauty market in India is estimated at over $15 billion. We believe the on-demand beauty service segment will expand this market further. Having the convenience of an on-demand, high quality, hair and beauty service at one’s doorstep, will increase the frequency of use and spend by a consumer on beauty services.

How do I find a stylist who is willing to come home (discovery)? How do I know he is good & experienced (credibility)? How do I find a good stylist who is available when I want him, especially for last minute needs (availability)? Discovery, credibility and availability were the primary challenges that a consumer faced in availing high quality beauty services at home.  And that’s the problem MyGlamm solves. Here you can find good, experienced and well trained stylists, who are available and near you, to provide you the hair and beauty service at your doorstep.

Convenience, Value and a Glamm Experience is what MyGlamm provides a consumer.

How did you go about the initial selection and on-boarding of stylists?

We created MyGlamm Artist Incubators in Mumbai and Pune where we have industry experts and international trainers providing best in class training to Artists so that they become experts in handling at home services. Our team of experts and international trainers have created detailed SOPs and service standardisation that ensures that customers receive salon like or even better service at home. You need to try it to experience it!

What has been the consumer response to using a mobile app and getting styling services at home?

Currently services can be booked over the phone or the web – the MyGlamm App is being released in the second week of September.

The response has been fantastic! We have noticed that over 50% of our business is either repeat or through referrals! Customers are loving the concept of getting high quality hair and beauty services, when they want it and where they want it. Nail art, Blow Drys, Facials & Waxing have been immensely popular. Another real popular service are MyGlamm Parties – where women are inviting 8 – 10 friends over and enjoying mani-pedis and glamm sessions over high tea or champagne!

How has your growth been since launch and what are the future plans?

We think MyGlamm will revolutionise the beauty industry – for the consumer and for the artist as well. MyGlamm will allow artists to make a lot more money than they do. And MyGlamm will allow consumers to avail hair and beauty services more often and at their convenience and for a price that is a lot less than their salon. All the ingredients to disrupt the beauty industry.

What is your one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Perseverance is key. Doesn’t matter what the challenges and the odds are, you need to persevere. And if you persevere enough, the tipping point will come!

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