Founder Interview: Threads and Buttons

What is Threads & Buttons and who is the team behind your venture?

Threads & Buttons was conceived in April, 2015 when i realised the vacuum in the market for a fashionable menswear brand. Which would not only be affordably priced but also provide a unique platform for people to experiment with quirky prints and designs.

Everything that we sell through threads and buttons is self procured and hand made. We believe in a freshly tailored concept from our shirts to our accessories. We deal with only pure fabrics such as cotton, linen etc for our shirts. We take immense pride in providing our clients a fresh breather with our quirky top selling prints like shark attack, green leprechaun etc.

We have a range of pure leather products : Messenger satchel bag, Weekender duffel bag, leather laptop cases. All our products are made in house under our team supervision.

We also make our in house styled silk and cotton ties, bowties and pocket squares.
Threads and Buttons was founded by me. ( Anisha Chaudhari)

threads and butonsHow did you come across this idea? What was missing from the current solutions that you are seeking to fix?

I came across this idea when i was working for a financial risk management company where we were required to dress impeccably for our work meetings .I could see most of the the higher level executives wearing ill fitted shirts. Thats when i realised their was a huge potential for a bespoke company in India that would provide much more than our local tailors can. Most of my clients not only shop for formal office shirts but also come to our flagship store ( Opera House) to shop for fun Sunday casual shirts. Threads & Buttons is a one stop shop where customers can buy their weekly fix of casual shirts, office shirts, leather bags,  stylish accessories etc.

How did you acquire (or are planning to acquire) your first customers and what has been the learning along the way?

Since my professional expertise lies in finance and banking switching to a  bespoke tailoring and designing profession wasn’t very easy. My learning process has been an on the job training process from learning the fabric thread count and construction to actually picking up the tailoring and pattering process has been a tedious but an enjoyable journey.

I launched Threads & Buttons in April in our very first exhibition which was a roaring success. This gave me the courage to push even further and cultivate a extensive client data base through referrals. Word of mouth publicity soon after the first exhibition brought us numerous happy clients.

What are the future plans for growth?

Since Threads & Buttons is not limited to just being a shirt company, i plan to expand my shirt, bags and accessories collection. We plan to collaborate with numerous designer to constantly provide our clients new and fresh designs. We currently have a flagship store ,workshop ( Unit) and an upcoming website. We plan to open another store in the next few month.

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