Describing itself as an event innovation venture, WeekendR comes with a simple but effective offering: cater to needs of the student community by organizing skill oriented events. From Android workshops to career growth seminars, WeekendR works in a variety of domains by getting high quality speakers to the students. Vibhor Gupta (Founder) shares his thoughts.

How did the concept for WeekendR come about? Was it your own need that translated into the venture or the inspiration came from elsewhere?

I was on an official business trip to the US with one of my past organizations, Pitney Bowes in Jan 2012. The thought came there when I was researching on education as a sector in my leisure time and the potential gap areas in delivery model and content that exists today. When I came back, I gave a candid tech talk on Android App Development to a group of 100+ enthusiasts on a fine Saturday morning at IGITDTU, Delhi and I was surprised at the level of interest and energy in the group. The session was very well received and thus Weekendr’s seeds were planted, a thought transforming to action.


Can you share more details about the team behind the venture?

I am the founder, a NSIT Alumnus, a tech enthusiast with past work experience in hardcore software development with Pitney Bowes and Bharti Airtel. My other active ventures are and Weekendr’s team includes specific profiles like Event Designer, Business Development, Marketing – PR and Communications which are all lead by highly competent group of enthusiastic and passionate individuals. We also have a group of Campus Ambassadors who lead college-specific executions of Weekendr. Apart from this we have a panel of advisors with decades of industry experience and our pool of Speakers who contribute immensely to our engagements.

For a venture such as yours, you have to cater to both ends of the chain. Engage the students as well convince high quality speakers to deliver. Which one poses the most challenges?

We are a highly customer centric organization and strongly believe in studying and researching about the needs of our customers who are primarily students in age bracket of 14 and above belonging to schools, colleges and society in general including working professionals. All our engagements are crafted and spawned as a result of the research on gap or need that arises in the ‘consumer’ segment. Thankfully we have been blessed with a pool of excellent speakers till now and haven’t faced major issues on that front. We are working towards and aspire to make many more people aware of Weekendr and the engagements we conduct. ‘Reaching out and brand awareness’ are the work in progress areas for us today and are a strong focus area for the organization in 2014.

You engage through a variety of events, which segment (career/technology etc) has generated the most interest among the students?

As we strive to provide the best value add to every participant in a Weekendr engagement, I would say our engagements centered around employment, careers & placements and skills leading to employment are received exceptionally well by students. Humanities & Economics Career Talk, Engineering Placement Talk are some of the examples of Weekendr Innovations that have not been done before anywhere and were purely based on our research and need in the market and were designed and structured considering the same.


Geographically, you appear to be Delhi focused. What are your plans for growth?

We have done a lone Android Workshop at Ambala as our first foray into Tier-2 last year. Delivering a flurry of Weekendr engagements in Tier-2 and growth markets is one of the prime focus areas of the organization in 2014. We are also creating new products and working on identifying new gap areas.


What is your one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Go Unconventional. Think Free. Start Early. Your College is the best time to start. An Idea is worth nothing but implementation. Hence, Start Today. Spend good amount of time on cracking the business or sustainability model.

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