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Wowsome - mobile augmented reality

Founder Interview: WOWSOME

As consumers are being exposed to a marketing blitz from all sides, brands are looking for innovative ways to capture consumer attention. WOWSOME uses mobile augmented reality to help brands engage with their consumers via real time visual content.

What is WOWSOME and who is the team behind it?

WOWSOME allows users to create or unlock layers of digital information on top on real life physical world. Our ultimate goal is to create a system where the user is unable to tell the difference between the real world and its virtual augmentation.Augmented Reality does not replace the textbook or newspaper or that poster, it augments it.It was launched in September 2014 and the first AR app “WOWSOMEAPP” was released recently in February 2015.

The Team:

Vishal Reddy, Founder, an adventurous serial entrepreneur and skilled business manager with concerns in diverse industries of biotech, agriculture, advertising, technology & luxury. Vishal, born and raised by his doctor parents in Hyderabad, achieved degrees from CBIT, IIM I and set on his perpetual endeavor to create the most inventive ventures for the global market.Co-founder, Karan Bhangay is also a serial entrepreneur with great stories in the media and entertainment industries; he is the creator of Jukebox Entertainment and The Indian Luxury Expo. Together they bring in an ideal combination of complimentary skills to create and lead the new mass medium of advertising.

How do augmented reality & WOWSOME fit into the marketing plan of a brand?

With 160 million smart phone users in India braced by steady 3G data, expected to grow by a staggering 225 million before the end of 2015, Augmented Reality will soon be available to everyone and ubiquitous as the ultimate mass medium of advertising. Our business model broadly is to offer 10 to 15 per cent incremental cost on the existing print spend to add an interactive Augmented Reality feature. WOWSOME breaks the disconnect between their offline and online communication, eliminating the need for fans to choose between a poster and web search! AR as designed by WOWSOME delivers a seamless enhanced view of their physical collateral, immersive and inspiring unlike anything experienced before.

Augmented reality is one of the technologies that has been around for some years now but is still in experimental phase – how do you see the future trends?

Technology has been there for years but WOWSOME just created a seamless and natural user interface for the common-man to adopt and enjoy. While currently Augmented Reality is sharing the revenue pie with the print or digital spends, in the next two years, we expect brands will set aside separate budgets for the medium. Another advantage of Augmented Reality is that companies can get real time data on customers who are interacting with their offline media, which gives them a better chance to convert visitors into buyers.

As we understand, WOWSOME is an interesting service for brands to attach to their campaigns – but how do consumers get involved in this and what is their incentive?

Augmented Reality offers chance for users to try the product or service advertisers are selling instantly, with a very personal experience. It is a process of pushing consumers for a trail and eventually lead to acceptance or adoption to the content. In this case, if consumers don’t need much effort to make the decision of trying it, then the effort for consumers to make the decision of buying a product will be less. Therefore, it is logical that AR technology will encourage consumers to buy.

What are your growth plans?

WOWSOME aims to be the ultimate service partner for AR advertising campaigns and enroll over 200 brands by the end of 2015. The company targets creating a niche for this medium with one per cent of the advertising spend in India andan year-on-year minimum growth target of 30 per cent.

What is your one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs today have excellent access to information and resources which makes it very easy to slip into a bubble of expectations that lack a foundation of business fundamentals. I keep that in check, I have mentors in my life who give me love and advice from a traditional business mindset.

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