What is ZConnect and who is the team behind your venture?

ZConnect is an all-new hyperlocal social network, which helps people to interact virtually with the people they live around. Community members are able to reach out to people for various interactions like selling old books, finding like-minded people, pooling cabs, finding a maid.
We are a team of 2 students (Lokesh Garg and Akhil Kamath) from BITS Goa with strong technical backgrounds.

How did you come across this idea? What was missing from the current solutions that you are seeking to fix?

During our initial college days, we realized the absence of any singular platform available through which we can interact with the fellow students and seniors particularly for selling and buying second-hand books and over the time we identified that similar model can be applied to any location-based community like colleges, housing societies, corporate buildings etc. Currently, we are making a single platform for all the communities, so that anyone can start their own community.

How did you acquire your first customers and what has been the learning along the way?

We are in our pre-revenue stage, We have done various partnerships to create value for our users, the first key partnership was with a restaurant which offered a free prize for the winner of a contest in return for publicity. We got to learn the principle of Win-Win-Win, first win for the partner, second for the society, and third for us.

What are the unseen challenges of this industry?

Diversity in the target audience is the main challenge of the college industry. People are from different backgrounds and every college has its own structure, to make a generic platform for all is the biggest challenge.

What are your future plans for growth?

Currently, we are operating in BITS Goa, in the 1 week of July we will be expanding to Goa Institute of Management and Goa Medical College. Currently, we are aiming for colleges but over the years we plan to make the platform for each and every location-based community around the world.

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