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Google announces plans to provide WiFi in 400 Indian train stations

As the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets up with the Who’s Who of the Silicon Valley and the Digital India initiative gains momentum (just check the rate at which the profile pic of the friends is changing at Facebook), there is another news that will move India towards the digital future.

Google, in a blog post by Sundar Pichai, announced that it will install high-speed Wi-Fi in 400 train stations across India. This plan was made public during Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Google’s US headquarters. Google will partner with Indian Railways and RailTel (which provides internet services along these railway lines).

The goal is to cover India’s 100 busiest stations before the end of 2016. This would mean that this plan would make Internet available to more than 10 million people and would rank as one of the largest public Wi-Fi project in India.

The blog post also highlighted the recent and upcoming initiatives like making available off-line YouTube, plans to do the same with Maps and also providing Hindi Voice Search.

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