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Google to release the second-generation Chromecast this month

For those who have used Chromecast (it is a device that allows you to stream media from your laptop/ mobile to your TV), it is either a hugely addictive device or a complete failure. When it works, it works perfectly and you can cast apps or your computer screen to your television. However the device has occasionally been problematic due to lags between casting time, time taken to connect and other random failures that are hard to solve.

According to leaked reports in the blog 9to5 (link), Google could release the second generation chrome cast as early as this month end. The leaked images show a different shape than the existing chrome cast-however the images do look almost cartoonish in the way the device is shaped like a balloon.

It is believed that the new chrome cast would have improved WiFi and an ability to integrate your social media feeds.

While the chrome cast has been a successful device in many regards, one of its many problems has been the extremely limited number of apps that have made themselves compatible with the device. One of the most requested features is integration with the VLC media player and according to the developers from the VLC team, it is believed that they are also hard at work in making their next version compatible with Google Chrome cast.

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