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How to consistently create good content

Content is king. We all know how important content is, for anyone operating an online (or off-line too) business, the content creation process must be efficient and effective. Google search wants good content, your customers want good content, people you want to hire for your firm – they also look for good content to understand what exactly your venture does.

However, creating good content is a never ending battle. At least in the old days, when Google was not so powerful you could get together a list of keywords and put them in random order just to confuse the search engines. But today you need content which is valuable to the reader, and which people like share and advocate for it to be called good content.

So how to consistently create good content, and equally importantly how exactly can you maintain a stream of good content?

Number one: Introspect to understand what problems you are facing and what content you yourself would like to read to get your next topic idea. This is probably the best way to come up with good ideas because you know what a reader (you) would like to read. So if you’re a marketing person and you had recently searched for a good article on Facebook marketing, perhaps that is the knowledge that you would like to share.

Number two: Ask your partners as to what content they would like to read. Your partners could be your customers, your suppliers, your employees and perhaps your other shareholders. Just going through this process is likely to result in dozens of ideas for your next content creation sprint. Your customers might want more content on how to use your product, on how to troubleshoot your product, on how to get the best out of your product etc. Your suppliers, on the other hand, might want to know more about the industry news, on the future prospects, on how macro events are shaping up. And employees would likely want to know where your product stands in terms of human engagement, in terms of employee benefits and so on.

Number three: Ask the people who have read your content to tell you what next they would like to read. This is obviously effective, since people whom you are asking would have some views on your past content. A simple way to do this is either to add a review button on each of your posts or add a feedback button on your posts or perhaps you could do a survey with Google forms.

how to consistently create good content

Number four: Revise what had already written and what became popular. The speed at which information is changing today makes it highly probable that any content has a small shelf life. So perhaps a good article which was shared many times over is now due for a revamp. The best part about this idea is that you could then link the new version with the older version and create more internal page flows for your site.

Number five: Do a random article. A random article means something which is different from what you normally write. Many times businesses are constrained to think only within the field in which they operate, for any other content is obviously useless. However, sometimes to break the routine or to give a new perspective to the readers you might want to take a break from the usual keywords. A random article could be anything from entertainment, humour, fun, politics or any other subject under under the sun.

Number six: Finally, always be reading. Read your competitors’ content, partners’ blogs, news, industry newsletters, thought leaders-anybody with a perspective, anybody with a voice worth listening to, anybody who’s writing style you like. All these things might not be effective for your next article, however slowly and incrementally they build up your own skill and your ability to consistently create good content.

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