Digital Marketing for Breweries

How to do Digital Marketing for Breweries

Breweries are places where beers are manufactured and made. Beer is widely consumed in most countries and all over the world too. Considering the wide range of consumption in mainly twenty companies, the beer has to be marketed well to be sold consistently, efficiently and effectively.

The ten countries that consume the highest amount of beer (along with their average liters per capita) are as follows-

1) The Czech Republic stands on the top of the chart with 143.3 liters.
2) Namibia comes second with 108 liters.
3) Austria follows by with a whopping 106 liters.
4) Germany stands close by 104.2 liters.
5) Poland comes next with 100.8 liters.
6) Ireland with 98.2 liters.
7) Romania- 94.1 liters.
8) Seychelles- 90 liters.
9) Estonia- 89.5 liters.
10) Lithuania stands tenth with 88.7 liters.

The marketing strategies for beer consuming countries have to be unique. Since the media and social
media are the highest grossing techniques to market and sell a product, considering the beer consuming
countries and decently tech-savvy too, here are a few ideas to digitally market breweries.

Digital Marketing for Breweries

To move on towards the pointers, one needs to know what digital marketing, in reality, represents Digital marketing revolves around all the selling and marketing efforts that give access to the details and buying options for a particular product by accessing the internet and/or technology. All of that includes technology, social networking sites, websites and everything that can be marketed through the web.


1) Guerrilla technique: the most effective technique, however, cost productive is guerrilla advertising. It uses technology and targets any of the five sense of the consumer. One can install beer-like scent producing machines that could tempt the consumer into chugging a beer. Such ideas can be used in public transportations like buses and few destinations would have a brewery at their steps.

2) Another highly accessible idea is Social Media Marketing. Creating pages on sites like Facebook, Instagram along with discounts can always attract the consumer.

Digital Marketing for Breweries

3) Online access on web pages for a beer with discounts along with free delivery within the mentioned period is helpful as well.

4) Adding a tracker on the website for the delivery is a plus.

5) Customizing the products according to the consumers’ tastes in reasonable prices gains you a good chunk of loyalty.

These are five ideas that can be implemented for digital marketing of breweries in the top twenty nations and any other in that get access to the internet and technologies.

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