Find Influencers who are a perfect fit for your business!

Nowadays, almost 71% of the marketers prefer Influencer Marketing for their brands and finding the right suited one is essentially important. According to the past records, it has been proved that Influencers fetch 11% more ROI than any other promotions, digitally for your brand. And yes, Influencer Marketing works perfectly in India. Some of the main tips to find Influencers who are a perfect fit for your business are listed below to start with-

  • Follow Influencers- This might sound very obvious but it is highly beneficial for the brands to keep a track on how their competitors are working with Influencers or who all Influencers are already working with the competitors! Also, whether the Influencers are even running with the brand’s voice!
  • Only following is not enough! You have to see if your targeted Influencers have genuine followers. Keep a track through custom software’s for their daily analysis of followers or see if they have many followers but fewer comments or interactions, then they probably have bought followers.
  • Check your DM’s- Keeping in mind, so many influencers having fake followers, don’t ignore the micro/upcoming influencers because they will be the ones who would be reaching out directly through DM’s as they’re growing and would want to make a conversation more personalized than a formal one! We should be very alert on this as this eagerness of them can make them your most passionate ambassadors!
  • Have a budget– If you pay your influencers well, you will have enough say on their final content, and this will also encourage long-term partnerships & potential deliverables from them outside of the contract guidelines!

So, this was all for today, let us write to you again, very soon with some more suggestions for Influencer Marketing Thank You!

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