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Increase Your Instagram followers

How To Increase Followers On Instagram

Social media has become such an important thing in everyone’s life that people post their everyday activity in their social media handle. Instagram is a social media handle by which you can get connected to your friends and; can post various pictures through the feeds and; stories. It has not only become a medium for people’s entertainment but also had become a way to promote some brand or company.

Increase Followers On Instagram

Among all the social media handles, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media sites. It is a platform where most people want to increase their followers. It is a steady-growth network that offers different brands and; companies to create its own audience. But even with so many users, one cannot just simply post the images and; wait for the posts to be liked and; get viral to increase the number of followers. For that, they have to post all the things in such a way that it automatically attracts the users to it. So here are some crazy but very easy tips to create viral content on Instagram and; it will increase your followers in no time.

Increase Followers On Instagram

Promote The Hashtags That You Are Using

First of all, it is very important to create unique and; creative hashtags for your posts but nobody will be knowing about your hashtags until you will be promoting that. So for that purpose, you can make publicize it by integrating online and; offline campaigns. With the help of other social media profile, you can simply take it to other’s knowledge. Try all the possible ways so that people can get to know about that. They help to add emotions to the post and; makes your content easy to read and; understand for the users.

Increase Followers On Instagram

Use Your Bio URL

Always keep links of interesting videos and; popular content so as many people visit your profile for those content and; links. Update those content time-to-time so that they always get fresh and; interesting things from your bio. Try to maintain a single theme on which you are posting the links or URL and; to decide that you have to find out which content is mostly liked by the people nowadays.

Increase Followers On Instagram

Make Your Account Public

Making your account visible to the public rather than private helps to make your post reach to a mass public. Thus many other people from different parts of the world other than the ones in your friends; circle will be able to know about you and; your profile and; if they find interesting or common content then that can really help you to increase your number of followers.

Focus On Photo Content

Nowadays people are so busy and; thus they are always in a rush. So even sometimes, they check Instagram in a glance. It is not possible for them to read long lines and; captions. So it is always preferred that the content is projected using photos. For that purpose, you can use different apps like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. to make your photos more appealing. Use various engaging and; humorous sharable captions which are attractive and; can make the people understand your photo in a few words. Emojis work best in this situation. They help to add emotions to the post and; makes your content easy to read and; understand for the users.

Increase Followers On Instagram

Highlight Your Content Using Instagram Stories

Attractive stories are the smart, simpler, easier and; the shortest way to grab anybody’s attention. You can also use Instagram stories templates to post any story in a proper manner. Apps like Unfold, Canva, etc. help you to create many such templates which you can easily share with other people.

Increase Followers On Instagram

Share Selfies

It is very difficult to understand how a selfie can affect the number of followers but people mostly follow those accounts which they either find interesting or they can relate to their own life. So to give your account a personal touch, selfies are the best way for that. Post any videos or photos sharing some personal experience or promoting any brand that will attract them.

Increase Followers On Instagram

Promote Your Instagram Content On Other Social Media Platform

Since social media is one of the easiest ways to share things with others, so you can link your Instagram profile with your Facebook profile, so that every time you will post anything on your Instagram account, it will be posted on your Facebook wall in a Public view and; thus it will attract more people from Facebook to follow your Instagram profile.

Collaborate With Other Brands And People

It is very important to link yourself and make connections with various famous people to get more new connections. To get more followers, you should try to link-up with famous brands so that they can help in promoting your ideas and; thoughts to those people who are already associated with them and; thus you will be able to get in touch with many other people.

Increase Followers On Instagram

Set a regular posting schedule

Once you have decided the theme or how you will share your content on Instagram, then you have to decide a fixed time slot for posting any pictures. The time slot can be divided according to theme-wise or post- wise or the way you find it comfortable. Otherwise, people will check your profile for new content but when they will realize that the content you post is in an irregular basis, then they will lose interest in your profile in spite of having interest in your profile or theme.

Interact with users through follows, likes and comments

For interacting with more number of people and; to publicize your account, you should follow various pages and; should like and; comment on various posts that are going around Instagram so that various people get to know your existence and; they try to visit your account. Commenting on the posts of different pages will help you to collaborate with them and; thus you can get a number of people and; a bigger platform.

Increase Followers On Instagram

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