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Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

Why?   How?   Who?

Why choose Influencer Marketing

Why Influencer Marketing

After the ‘Jio’ revolution, internet has penetrated every corner of India. With so many viewers, we now have these new age celebrities or Influencers, who come with a loyal audience that boost your brand within a few days!

How Influencer Marketing works

How does it work

After a careful discussion, we shortlist relevant Influencers from our network and plan your campaigns – these can be posts, videos, stories, explainers, films and more. Our influencers then take your message to their audience, building up your brand and driving sales.

Influencer Marketing For Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Who are the Influencers

We have both Macro (Followers greater than 50K) and Micro (Followers less than 50K) Influencers who have their audience across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs & More!


Influencer Marketing in India.

The millennial spends a little more than 3 hours a day on social media. We also come across people going through their social media feed even while walking. Our generation’s addiction to social media gave rise to this new concept of Influencer Marketing. Initially, it was just our Bollywood celebrities who had a major influence on our decision making, however, now, times have changed and so have the marketing techniques. Now, one is getting the opportunity to use our social media addiction productively by promoting brands and their products to the masses. This has become one of the latest and the fastest growing marketing gimmicks.

Every Business Needs Influencer Marketing In India.

All businesses, from startups to the corporates use the immense power of influencer marketing. There has been a constant growth in this field – 70% of the businesses used this technique in 2018, which rose to 85% in 2019 and is predicted to grow further in the coming years. Marketers in 2019, plan to increase their investment in influencer marketing as this technique is said to generate enormous revenue, one social media platform alone!!

Using Influencer Marketing India to Reach Celebrities.

Decision making is greatly impacted. Exactly like our Bollywood celebrities, the influencers to have the ability to influence our judgment and decisions while making a purchase. Multiple studies and surveys conducted have proved that products have been purchased due to social media influencers recommending it online and having watched product reviews online on YouTube, which has had a significant impact. Most of the people came to know about the existence of a brand through social media channels, especially YouTube. This indicates that influencer marketing works extremely well when the primary intention of the customer is to shell out money and purchase the product.

Why Influencer Marketing India is Used by Many.

The Influencers are highly trusted by their followers. The population i.e. 80% of teenagers trust the influencers more than the celebrities as they seem to be more relatable and genuine. This is also one of the reasons why brands prefer to invest more in influencer endorsements than in celebrities. This credibility might stem from the fact that the influencers have a particular niche they belong to like fashion, cooking, fitness or makeup and endorse products that belong to that specific category. This focused audience/ followers of the influencers optimize the campaign to reach only the specific targeted audience increasing their chances of genuine leads and conversions. Strategizing the campaign properly can help you reach maybe not a very large population but a very specific and focused targeted audience.

Influencer Marketing Platforms India.

The reach of these influencers is extremely versatile. They are convenient to reach on various devices be it the laptop, mobile or iPad. They are even platform versatile – available on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter. Therefore maximizing the campaign reach. The influencers make sure that their content is relatable to all their followers and is easily shareable. This shareability of content widens the reach of each campaign they’re a part of, resulting in the content along with the product becoming viral. Their association with a brand lasts long which tends to generate all the more results as the long-lasting partnership with a brand speaks volumes about how beneficial the product might be, and might consider repurchasing it.

Reaching a Huge Audience With Influencer Marketing India.

The influencers have a huge and a relevant reach. Unlike the TV commercial which has a significant reach but not everybody it reaches is necessarily interested in the product or in that particular category. The brand/ company that has hired the influencer has access to the insights related to their campaigns – the reach, the views, the number of likes and comments, the sentiments its brought out in people and what the general feedback of their targeted audience. This way it enables them to optimize their campaign accordingly to suit their audience and at the same time maximize their profits. Also, unlike celebrity endorsements, these influencers have flexible price structures that suit both small businesses as well as the corporates.

With the bombardment of unnecessary ads, influencers have a way of connecting and interacting with their audience in a way that is viable and unobstructed. The audience is being shown the product reviews because there is a high demand for it. This way there is a significantly reduced chance of the content being unnecessary and unwanted.


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