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With a huge network of Micro & Macro Influencers, we are the No. 1 choice of brands for Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Influencer Marketing works for all sectors – from fashion to technology, try it out!

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Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

Why?   How?   Who?


Why Influencer Marketing

After the ‘Jio’ revolution, internet has penetrated every corner of India. With so many viewers, we now have these new age celebrities or Influencers, who come with a loyal audience that boost your brand within a few days!


How does it work

After a careful discussion, we shortlist relevant Influencers from our network and plan your campaigns – these can be posts, videos, stories, explainers, films and more. Our influencers then take your message to their audience, building up your brand and driving sales.


Who are the Influencers

We have both Macro (Followers greater than 50K) and Micro (Followers less than 50K) Influencers who have their audience across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs & More!

Our Services

No matter if you work in consumer friendly domains (fashion, fitness, lifestyle) or deep technology (AI, ML, Cloud Computing) – we work in all sectors!

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Influencer Marketing

Video Marketing

Content Marketing

Lead Generation

We work in all Industries!

A Few Samples

End-to-End Marketing Strategy from naming to launch & growth

Influencer Video Stories

A sustained Influencer Marketing campaign in the fashion & beauty segment. The multimonth campaign worked with 20 Influencers.

Influencer Product Posts

Organic cosmetics brand, with unique charcoal and coffee based products starts on building a real community with our team. Stay tuned for their growth!

Industries we serve