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Instagram now has 400 million users

When Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion back in 2012, there were many who thought this was too high a price to pay for a mobile app which was only adding filters to photographs. And which everyone and their cousin could make in one weekend.

However there was something that Mark Zuckerburg had realised, the value is not in the features that your app provides-the value is in the number of users who use your app actively. Today Instagram announced that it has continued its growth and now has more than 400 million users who are sharing 80 million photos per day. This is a staggering number and made even more so when noting that Instagram had added more than hundred million new people in the last year.

There are various celebrities who are now on Instagram. Even more interestingly there are celebrities who have been built by Instagram. It is not entirely uncommon to find people who have acquired a massive following simply by their photographs and the image that they have created.

One area where Instagram really shines is for fashion photographers, designers and in fact any field which lends itself to being photographed well.

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