Internet of things is taking up the world by storm. Most of you must have heard about it, yet it’s a new term and the definitions are still expanding!

What’s the use case? Have you ever feared sitting in the office that you might have forgotten to switch off the Ac or washing machine or any appliance of daily use? Most of you must have! So here is the solution-

Internet of things basically allows you to connect your daily life to the internet. To operate various appliances, machines remotely in different ways by connecting them to the internet.

While it is still in its infancy, IoT is likely to define the future.

Gurgaon is going to be the second city after Bengaluru to open a center of excellence for IoT (internet of things) most probably by next month on the premises of startup warehouse in Udyog Vihar. It will be a well-equipped center with the best technology, space, and mentorship.

It is one of the five centers across the country with one already running in Bengaluru and the other three are expected to open in other parts of the country soon. The motive is to encourage innovation in startups and to encourage young entrepreneurs. The young entrepreneurs will be working under the guidance of experts hired from  NASSCOM, industry and educational institutions.

Rajiv Gulati head, Harton Multiskill Development Centre and CoE  IoT, Gurgaon, said that the government wants to boost research and bring down costs of technological innovations by providing such multi-technology labs.

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