EmPrise Productions is a startup pioneered by Sachi Bansal. Sachi is an FTII graduate and pursued the course of Direction and Film-making from the prestigious institute. EmpRise is the one stop resort for all the video production services. One can avail all the incredible facilities pertaining to film-makin. Currently, Sachi has employed 7 members for her team and are expanding ferociously. They create videos from scratch providing their clients complete guidance from the start to the end!

Emprise offers exclusively state-of-the-art moder1ce642b409dcf1e23ed3c609dce60675e3998046n styled themes and concepts when it comes to graphics and design used in the video which is incomparable. This interview will certainly give us an in-depth details of the functioning of EmpRise.


Sachi, what gave you inspiration to commence EmpRise?

I was extremely passionate film-making. It is always about serving the masses with something fresh every day. Films definitely made my life easier. They depict ‘Life’ with such an ease. That’s the most important dynamic of film-making and this aspect motivated me to be a part of this industry.


Would you like to give us an insight into the functioning of your production house?

We are primarily into Off-shore editing. EmpRise includes 2 subsidiary companies under its domain i.e. The Video Tailor and Gift a Video. The Video Tailor deals with corporate video production whereas Gift A video, as the name suggests, is inclusive of personal videos.


Those days can never be forgotten, it was literally like my “One Woman Army” days.



Would you like to share some memories of the initial days of the EmpRise?

I started off alone as a cinematographer. I was solely handly direction, camera and editing all by myself. Those days can never be forgotten, it was literally like my “One Woman Army” days.


How much struggle you faced during the initial period?

Earlier I didn’t have team, I was managing everything solely. Now we’re growing, I have a very supportive team. Another issue that I’m currently facing is ‘Marketing.’ Making links has always been an intricate job. We’re still struggling with our marketing tactics, especially in the market abroad. We’ll overcome that soon too!


What is your vision regarding the future of EmpRise?

EmpRise is my lifeline and I would always work to spread my roots around the globe. This production house is my little baby and it’ll surely grow mighty enormous. Our services will benefit everybody exceptionally.


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