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Mindhelix raises money by crowdfunding for home security system



Mindhelix, a Kochi- based startup company, has successfully raised US $ 99,429 from 738 backers via its campaign for Rico ‘smartphone’ device, pledged at US$ 100,000 by 30 October, by using the crowd funding platform Kickstarter.

Mindhelix’s Rico is a sensor-equipped hardware that works by itself or with a spare smartphone to detect and alert users about changes inside a home, for example, in temperature, humidity, noise levels or movement, and the presence of smoke, Carbon Monoxide or cooking gas.

It allows users to watch live video feeds of the rooms and can also be used to control home appliances remotely.

Once it meets the funding target, Mindhelix will finalise the engineering design, analytics, production and supply details. It hopes to ship the product to its Kickstarter backers by November 2015.


Mindhelix is also part of the Alchemist Accelerator programme in the Silicon Valley, United States.

Earlier this year, RHL vision had raised over US $ 2 lakh to launch its product ‘Fin’.

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