Promote your brand with India's top YouTube Stars!

India's hottest Instagrammers work with us!

Influencer Marketing at its finest!

Influencer Marketing is taking India by storm. Don't miss out.

Your brand needs new age marketing tools. India's young generation has created a new segment of celebrities - those who have created their own audience. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter - all have their own stars! And we work with them all to create a unique campaign for your brand.
Whatever your sector, we have a huge network of Influencers who will work with you in creating an unforgettable experience. We are based in Gurgaon (drop in for a chat if you are here!) but our network is in all major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & more!
Fashion & Beauty
Food & Beverage
Travel & Leisure
Health & Fitness
Internet & Software
And many more!

Is Influencer Marketing the right choice for your business?

Influencers range from micro-celebrities to full blown stars

They have worked hard in creating a loyal audience. Their social media success also means that in one shot your brand is seen by tons of their followers - people who trust them. This trust then carries over to your brand!

Influencer marketing is often quicker than other forms

Most other forms of marketing from SEO to Paid Ads - take time and a lot of trial & error. The traditional celebrity TV endorsements were quicker but far too expensive.

Influencer marketing provides a nice balance between cost and value.

The campaigns are tailored to your needs

Whatever be your sector, you will find influential thought leaders. A perfectly executed campaign can work wonder!

How Influencer Marketing works.

1. Contact us with your brand details

Give as much information as possible – about your brand, your customers, your channel preferences, your budget.

Email us [[email protected]] or call 98108 81833 to start the process.

2. Our team shortlists Influencers from our network

This is not a one size fits all process. Our influencers have their own specific strengths. Some specialize in a particular channel (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Blogs) -specialize in a particular sector.

After this process, our team will get back to you to move to the second round.

3. Together a campaign is conceptualised & delivered

The campaign could be anything – a series of Instagram posts, a YouTube coverage, a Twitter mention or blog posts. What is crucial is that value is generated at both ends of the chain. We ensure a seamless process from start to completion!

Are you an Influencer?

Send us an email with your social media links! Our team will contact you back to be included in our select network. is a fully packed digital marketing agency for startups, specializing in Influencer Marketing, PR, and Video Marketing.

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