Organic Traffic is great, but paid traffic gives you that immediate boost! Watch your business flourish with the help of increased traffic on the website, relevant leads, and sales that will be skyrocketing in no time.

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The top-notch PPC services that our company provides attracts clients from across the globe for conversions, engagements, leads and custom events.

Our latest software and services help you to maximize your marketing budget with the help of PPC.

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Almost 4 Billion Daily active users are spread across Google, Facebook & YouTube – PPC is one of the best platforms for reaching them fast & targeted. It is one of the most efficiently tracked mechanisms for businesses to maximize their Return on Investment. It allows precise targeting which ensures that the ads are being displayed to the relevant audience, at the correct time, in order to generate genuine conversions.



PPC Can’t be Ignored

Paid Ads are one of the only few channels that you have complete control over. For a brand, established or startup, a marketing strategy is incomplete without paid campaigns integration.




Ads in various formats, on various channels, are shown to audiences as per brand research. Certain keywords that the advertiser wants to bid on, are decided along with the budget and the target audience. Maximum bid and Quality score are two primary aspects that Google considers in order to determine the position of the ad. Audience target & relevancy are what Facebook prioritizes. Leave it all our experienced team!



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No matter if you work in consumer friendly domains (fashion, fitness, lifestyle) o
r deep technology (AI, ML, Cloud Computing) – we work in all sectors!
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Perfect Ad Campaigns – True Results

The Basera

Gurgaon’s top builder floor company required leads for their premium flats. Leads for Real Estate segment with brokers and non-interested parties. We set up a custom funnel with multiple ads & objectives to serve daily clean leads of interested buyers. As an add-on, we also provided our custom Sales Tracking Pipeline template for the client’s team to use.


Niche boutique of Aligarh’s famous phool-patti work, Noor Tara wanted higher attendance for their exhibitions. We set up local ads with custom tracking to ensure higher footfalls and increased Sales.

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