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Raj Thackeray: Four interviews and a nation swoons

Absolutely amazing how quickly the land of PR works. Raj Thackeray, one who was universally thought of as a brutal hooligan, has now re-invented himself as the straight talking politician with the right attitude towards tough issues.

Started with the incremental dismantling of the feared Arnab Goswami who was riding high after his own one-sided victory over Rahul Gandhi.

Incredibly, midway through the interview, Arnab seems to have given up on salvaging this interview and resorts to repeating the same questions ten times – perhaps in the hope of Raj Thackeray to get angry (which he did) and give some fodder for controversy (which he didn’t). Terrible preparation on Arnab’s part – calm, calculated offense on Raj Thackeray’s. One of the many gems, “Inka koi problem hai kya?”

While Twitter was still trending with the aftermaths of this interview, out come another one which was even more mind boggling. Rajdeep Sardesai and his almost pathetic efforts to project himself as subservient yet unafraid.

Raj Thackeray was in an even more belligerent mode. Openly challenging Rajdeep, and turning questions back to him. To be honest, this was one interview which I could not watch in full since Rajdeep Sardesai’s incessant groveling became a bit too much. Gem: “Aap Arnab ki tarah baat mat karo”

And then came, the ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ one. Now, I am no fan of Rajat Sharma. Infact to the contrary, I often feel that he lets his political agendas to guide any interview. Yet, in this case, his was the one interview that at least managed to do what it set out.

Rajat Sharma pulled the right strings, now goading Raj Thackeray – now reminding him of Bal Thackeray. Overall, a well paced set up that ended on a high note with Raj Thackeray reminiscing of his childhood and Bal Thackeray’s influence.

There was one final one with ABP news, which you can find if these three have not been enough 🙂

Now, you might be wondering what this all has to do with startups. Admittedly, not much, but I just could not stop myself from showcasing this phenomenal PR masterstroke from Raj Thackeray’s team. Four (perhaps more) high profile interviews in consecutive days. The reputation that had been marred with a lot of unsavory incidents was salvaged to some extent – and Raj Thackeray has as good a chance as any to start with a clean slate.


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