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Search Engine Optimization Service

SEO Strategy

Total SEO Strategy


Long-term SEO planning to keep giving you traffic.

Keywords Tracking

Keyword Ranking


Rank on top of Google for the best keywords.

Guest Blogs

Guest Blogs & Backlinks


Get the best backlinks from top websites.

Local SEO

Local SEO


Optimized to get traffic from your preferred locations!

SEO Experts

Organic evergreen traffic for your business

Built on a comprehensive keyword and competitor research, we will shortlist a number of high-value keywords to drive relevant traffic to your store. We use those targeted Keywords to create awesome content for your pages and blogs. Getting your website featured on the top blogs and creating quality back link is definitely needed. Using this method our clients have seen up to 30% Month-on-Month growth of traffic within a short time frame and a lot more brand recognition in this competitive world.


Is your brand searchable or are you losing out to organic traffic?

On-Page SEO

Titles, Meta Tags & Everything in Between


We will analyze and optimize every page of your website to ensure the right keywords are being targeted by your content. Perfect use of tags and the right internal linking structure can work wonders.

Technical Optimisation

Running an error free website


Working with Google Webmaster Tool, Analytics and our own software, we continuously audit and improve your web structure. This ensures that the site is always healthy.

Off-Page SEO

Guest posts and Backlink Strategy


Working with only the top blogs in your industry, we create up to 100 Backlinks to your website. The right placement ensures that Google starts understanding your website as an authority website, driving more traffic and ranking higher.

experts in field

What's working in SEO in 2020

Voice Search, Semantic Search, EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trust), Power Pages, AMP, Skyscraper Technique - Every one is experimenting to find new ways to generate more traffic and sales for their business. The key objective is to create a brand that can build trust with your customers/readers to have a long term relationship. There is so much happening in SEO with an exciting future ahead, but you need our experts to guide you towards growth.

SEO for a new website

For a new website, you should start with a good SEO structure right from the beginning, including a mobile friendly website. Navigations and internal linkings should be in place. Start by focusing on keywords that have a low competition – these will be easier to rank since you cannot take on the big players on Day 1. Optimize your titles, descriptions, images and content with the same keywords. Set up Google Analytics and keep a tab on your organic traffic.

SEO for E-commerce products

Competing against Amazon and other big players in SEO is always going to be tough. Which is why, a good portion of your e-commerce SEO strategy should be focused on long-tail keywords. Start by doing exhaustive Keyword Research for your Ecommerce website and find the best keywords for ranking. These could be medium in search volume but should have low competition. Then, optimize your title, description and Heading tags with those keywords. Optimize your product images and urls with those keywords will help in ranking.

Creating a proper Sitemap (HTML and XML) and robots.txt file is important for search engines to index our website properly. Once you have taken care of the basics, start preparing a backlink strategy.

SEO for small businesses

Go for a long term strategy. Don’t get entangled in short term boosts and definitely don’t go for black-hat tactics such as buying links. This will get your website penalised. Targeting long-tail keywords which your competitors are not focusing on can generate a lot of good traffic to your website. Create a good website structure and make it mobile friendly with fast loading speed. Try smart tactics such as featuring your business on other industry leading blogs, news and educational websites to increase your brand presence.

SEO for YouTube channel.

YouTube SEO is different from traditional SEO but the basics are quite similar. Optimizing your videos with proper title, description and tags will increase your video rankings. Finding low competition and high search keywords for your Youtube videos is also important, so you can rank above the already existing videos. Creating good thumbnail images will increase the CTR(click through rate) for your videos. Use social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and others to give the first boost to your video.

SEO for app installs (Play Store)

Optimizing your app landing pages on the play store will increase the app downloads significantly. Take care of the basics, that is do a proper keyword research to target the least competitive keywords and using those keywords in the title and description. Structure your content to portray the same theme. Promoting your app through blogs and videos is also important. Create some awesome icons and screenshots to enhance engagement. Think about setting up a separate website landing page that can then also link to your Play Store page.