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With one simple monthly payment, we will post daily original content on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This content will be created and customised for you in line with your content strategy.

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The posts will be a mixture of custom graphics, links to your own website, your blog posts, creative quotations, and external news sources. We will keep analysing the engagement rates and change content as necessary.

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We engage and reply to your customers via these posts. Having an active social media account keeps your customer segments engaged. They start recognizing your brand and slowly warm up towards your products/ services.

However, you cannot just post junk and hope for the audience to react. Daily social media posts require a lot of time – we take this role at a nominal monthly payment.

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In addition to your Social Media Marketing (daily posts on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) – we also take care of your SEO. We start with on-page audit and optimization. After a careful keyword research process, we start writing articles for your blog. Every week, a new high-quality article will be published. Original, researched and SEO optimized!

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After carefully going over your business, we will suggest a mixture of article types – news articles, interviews, case studies, expert rounds ups, list posts and case studies.

All articles will be original, accurately researched and SEO optimized.

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A well-managed blog is priceless! It is an evergreen traffic source that will establish you as a thought leader. There are tons of opportunities where you can leverage good content to get sales.

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Video marketing is the next big thing. But it is far too complicated to be done on its own. YouTube is a beast that requires deep understanding! We optimise and manage your YouTube channel.

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YouTube can generate great returns. Videos are much more engaging and likely to be shared. But creating and managing videos requires an expert management.

We start with an audience research, current channel audit and an overall video strategy. We optimize existing and new videos to make sure they rank higher. Topic research is done for new videos.

Every new video is published with custom graphics, perfect tags, and proper description keywords.

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Great Question!

While video creation is not included in this package, we have discounted prices on the following types of video services:

  • Animation and whiteboard video creation.
  • Photo slideshows with voiceovers.
  • Live video editing services (clips supplied by you).
  • Demo video creation and editing.
  • Screengrab video creation and editing.

Feel free to drop us a line to discuss more on this! We guarantee you will find our prices extremely friendly.

YouTube Marketing India
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