Social Media Plan

What is the Social Media Plan

With one simple monthly payment, we will post daily original content on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This content will be created and customised for you in line with your content strategy.

What will the posts contain?

The posts will be a mixture of custom graphics, links to your own website, your blog posts, creative quotations, and external news sources. We will keep analysing the engagement rates and change content as necessary.

How will this help my business?

Having an active social media account makes your customer segments engaged. They start recognising your brand and slowly warm up towards your products/ services.

However, you cannot just post junk and hope for audience to react. Daily social media posts require a lot of time – we take this role at a nominal monthly payment.

Social Media and Blogging Plan

What is the Social Media and Blog Plan

In addition to daily posts on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – we also start writing articles for your blog. Every week, a new high quality article will be published. Original, researched and SEO optimised!

What articles will you write?

After carefully going over your business, we will suggest a mixture of article types – from news articles, interviews, case studies, expert rounds ups, list posts and case studies.

All articles will be original, accurately researched and SEO optimised.

How will this help my business?

A well-managed blog is priceless! It is an evergreen traffic source that will establish you as a thought leader. There are tons of opportunities in which you can leverage good content to get sales.

VIP Plan: Social Media, Blogging, FB Ads

What is the VIP Plan

This plan includes both the Social Media and the blog plan but goes one step ahead. We create and manage your paid Facebook Ads.

What does managing Facebook Ads mean?

While good content and posts can keep your audience engaged, sometimes it is important to create paid ads on Facebook simply to create this audience.

But this is not only about engagement, Facebook is a phenomenal sales medium and an unmatchable Ad platform. You can create a perfect funnel that gets you more sales than ever.

What type of ads will you create?

A comprehensive strategy would be outlined. Depending on your budget, we can create different type of ads from websites visits, product purchases to simply audience increase.

This is a highly specialised service, and there is a reason why we provide this – we have spent our money in selling products on FB and understand how it works!

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